Managed IT Services Deserve a Personal Touch

What are IT Services?

IT services are the process of preparing and maintaining computers and computer networks. This includes setting up and maintaining individual computers, computer networks, setting up backups, cloud backups, cybersecurity, phone systems, hardware and software, and much more. Using a managed IT services provider means that you outsource these tasks to an outside organization rather than in-house staff. It’s common for organizations to use a hybrid option. They will have an in-house IT staff member or a small team and still outsource parts of their IT. Also, many organizations don’t have an in-house IT department at all and choose to outsource all of their IT needs. Read this article to learn more about IT services and when to outsource your IT.

Why use a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)?

A managed IT service provider is a company that will assist you in your IT needs. They can specialize in different areas of IT (networks, cybersecurity, cloud, help desk etc.) but will often specialize in many. Generally, service schedules are established by a contract and the managed service provider (MSP) will come on site to offer assistance. Also, most MSP’s can help on one time projects, like migrating your emails to a new server or establishing backup protocols. Managed IT providers are generally comprised of industry experts who can provide more flexibility and knowledge to your IT needs.

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Professional Resources

IT technicians at IT MSP’s work on a wide variety of clients and gain a deep breadth of knowledge. By using outsourced IT you are able to gain access to a huge IT knowledge pool that will be a great benefit to you. Most MSP’s have internal collections of knowledge and collaboration between their techs. This means that if your technician comes across something they’re unfamiliar with, they can reach out to their coworkers and will be able to lean on their knowledge and experience. So, by hiring an IT MSP, you really gain access to a whole team worth of IT professionals knowledge and experience.

Optimized Technology

For regulation and performance reasons, a managed provider will traditionally have the best hardware/software resources available. Since they are industry leaders they will be on the cutting edge of all things IT. This means that you will be able to receive the newest resources, current best practices will be employed, and you will be able to stay a cut above your competition.

Flexible Pricing

Ideally, an MSP will work within the layers of your budget. They’re able to alter their services to fit within your needs and your business cycles. For example, many businesses have busier and slower seasons. A good MSP will work with you to increase and decrease your service accordingly, so as to maximize your budget.

Cost Savings

By using a managed service provider you are able to maximize your IT budget. By using an MSP you avoid the costs of hiring, training, and equipping an in-house employee. That means you don’t have to pay for things like taxes, insurance, equipment, or training processes associated with new employees. Instead, all of that money can be spent on receiving IT services.

Downtime Reduction and Recovery

Downtime is a reality no business wants to face, so mitigating it as much as possible is essential. Naturally, MSP’s offer backup solutions to protect critical information and can even provide avenues for service continuations in the event of a disaster (like security breach or storm). Considering just how damaging downtime is, it’s a life saver for smaller businesses to move to an MSP.



IT Services With a Personal Touch

Executech assigns every client a dedicated technician. With your assigned tech you decide what kind of coverage you do and don’t need. The standard is that the tech will be onsite as often as the client needs. For some clients, Executech has a technician who works a full 40+ hour week onsite at the business. Other businesses only need someone onsite once a month and rely on Executech’s expansive remote service options to fill the gaps. Others vie for a remote first option and prefer little to no onsite coverage. Clients have complete control over their coverage. This flexibility allows clients to save enormous amounts of money by outsourcing their IT needs to Executech.

Executech provides IT services with a personal touch. Part of that means that clients need to have an IT technician easily accessible and that tech needs to be able to communicate effectively with them. No more smelly mountain dew guzzling techs locked away in dark closets who reluctantly emerge only when something breaks, and then slink back to their cave once the task is completed. Executech technicians have real people skills, business skills, and technical skills. They can communicate with you on a personal level to work with you and your business.

Computers and computer networks can be complicated, and they’re only made more complicated without proper communication. Executech’s technicians break down these barriers and help make IT easy.

Expert Technicians

Executech is backed by a team of over 100 certified technical experts who proactively build solutions. All the techs are formally trained weekly on industry trends and practices. Executech has a very strict hiring process and performance standards for all technicians. This is to ensure that every client can rely on, trust, and communicate effectively with their technician.

No Contracts

Executech’s services come with no contracts! That’s right, no contracts; just service. Executech’s only objective is to provide the services that clients need at the highest quality. Clients aren’t forced to fit into predetermined plans or models, but rather help to create their own service plan. This allows for Executech to provide personalized enterprise quality IT services to any organization.

Expert IT Services Near You

IT Services Utah

When it comes to IT services in Utah there is one clear standout provider; Executech. Maybe you’ve seen our logoed cars driving around town, or seen us in the news, but you’ve probably asked, “Who is Executech, and why do they seem to be everywhere?” Executech is an award-winning local IT services provider. We provide enterprise quality IT services in Utah, Washington, and Oregon to small and medium-sized businesses. We’ve made a name for ourselves by providing IT services with a personal touch. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2019 and have an awarded history of providing top quality managed IT services in Utah and beyond.

IT Services Seattle, Washington

We’ve recently expanded heavily throughout the state of Washington. We have an office in Spokane and an office in Seattle with technicians littered throughout the entire state. We have a rapidly growing presence in Washington state and aren’t slowing down. Our technicians are prepared to provide enterprise quality information technology services on-site at your business. From the shadows of Mt. Rainier to the suburbs of the Tri-Cities area, and throughout all of western Washington, Executech is your IT solution.

IT Services Spokane, Washington

Our Spokane team is currently servicing clients throughout eastern Washington. Our IT consultants in the area have been providing IT services to eastern Washington for over 15 years and know what businesses here need. They know the local industries and how to help your business succeed. Whether you need a full time IT tech onsite, or just some IT maintenance on a monthly basis, our Spokane IT team can help. Everything we do is done with a personal touch, and we’ll help craft IT solutions that fit you and your needs.

It Services Portland, Oregon

Executech has a strong presence in western Oregon covering Eugene through Portland. We have highly skilled technicians throughout the area who can service clients throughout most of Oregon. Executech IT consultants are experienced servicing clients of every size and industry and are ready to help you find a better IT alternative.

Award-Winning Provider

Executech has received a lot of praise as of late for our quality of service, company culture, and growth. Here are a few of the awards we’ve received recently:

  • Utah’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies list seven of last eight years
  • America’s Fastest Growing Companies for five years running in the Inc 5000
  • Salt Lake Tribunes Best Place’s to Work for the last three years
  • Utah Business Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For
  • Inc Best Workplace of 2017
  • 7 Utah Best of State Awards: Including winning in the “Best Computer Network Solutions” and “Best Computer Related Services” categories

Find out how we can help your business with IT Services in SeattleIT Support in Spokane, or  Managed IT Services in Utah or Oregon.

Executech leadership helping build a community center

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