Our Team

DJ Dorff

 | Chief Executive Officer

DJ grew up in central Indiana near Indianapolis but has recently come to call Utah his home. If you asked DJ when he was fifteen what he wanted to be when he grew up, his answer would be the same as it is today; he wanted to create jobs for people. DJ has let that vision drive him through his life and career. DJ graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from BYU and went on to Stanford to earn his MBA and JD.  

DJ’s first passion is for people and relationships, but he also loves technology. Some of his past positions have been business operations manager for Adobe and founder of an employee analytics company he started while in graduate school. DJ now leads operations at Executech and has brought an increased focus on accountability and data, while still staying true to his vision of building relationships and helping people in their careers. DJ loves spending time with his family, sports and running. DJ was also an actual DJ in high school.  

Eric Montague

 | Founder

While working IT support during college, Eric Montague realized two things: people hate their computers when something goes wrong, but they hate calling IT even more. Eric envisioned a model that would bring a human touch to IT and provide the customer amazing service and professionalism. And Eric knew he had what it would take to make it happen. This vision and self-trust led to the founding of Executech in 1999—now the largest and most awarded IT outsourcing company in the Intermountain West.

From humble beginnings, Eric made many sacrifices to make his dream of putting a human touch on IT services a reality. What began in an unheated garage and putting over 350,000 miles on one car to service clients has grown into a workforce of over 100 employees. Eric has donated, served and been involved with many charitable and volunteer efforts including the Boy Scouts of America, Hale Center Theater and more. Over the past 20 years, Eric has made great things happen for him, his partners, and his employees; and he is happy to be able to give back to the community that has helped him succeed.

Chris Nokes

 | Chief Technical Officer

Chris was born in West Valley City, UT, and loves to call it his home to this day. Chris’s first encounter with a computer was a Christmas present. He initially wasn’t thrilled about the gift, but he soon became proficient in early computers through a lot of reading and self-teaching. He eventually learned to write his own computer game. Chris earned his Bachelor’s degree from Baker College in Computer Science. His first job in IT was working in tech support for a phone company. Later, he worked as a system installation manager for ADP and then a small IT services firm.

Chris now works as the Chief Technology Officer for Executech. After some time at a previous IT firm, Chris was looking for a change and was called in for an interview at Executech. He was impressed with how clean and organized the company was, and he found himself at home with the growing team. Today, Chris is admired for his great depth of understanding in IT and his problem-solving abilities. He is an essential part of the team and is the go-to technology man for every technical need at Executech. Chris enjoys basketball and time with family and the occasional street-legal muscle car race.

Sandra Smith

 | VP of Human Resources and Administration

Sandra is originally from South Carolina but her family moved all over the country. Today she calls Idaho her childhood home. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Westminster College, Sandra started her professional career as a graphic designer for Mountain America Credit Union. She advanced quickly and oversaw all marketing for the credit union for many years. When her husband was deployed in Afghanistan, Sandra stayed at home with her two children. She later returned to work for a small company called Totib that was a technology contractor and developer for Microsoft. While at Totib, Sandra learned many of the ins and outs of the IT world and sharpened her skills as an administrator and finance manager.

Looking for a change of pace, Sandra applied for a bookkeeper position at Executech. Eric knew a good employee when he saw one and hired Sandra on the spot. She was brought on to handle all of the back-office operations of Executech and as the company has grown, so have Sandra’s responsibilities. Sandra now oversees all accounting, payroll, human resources and marketing departments at Executech. Sandra loves to travel, is an avid foodie and loves spending time with her kids and family.

Brandon Barnedt

 | VP of Technical Operations for North Division

Brandon was born and raised in Kaysville, Utah. At age 10, Brandon got his first computer. He says it was love at first sight. Breaking and fixing that computer over a dozen times lead Brandon to work at a local computer repair shop during high school. During high school, he had an internship and got work release from school to help perform maintenance on computers. Brandon worked as an IT contractor for the Air Force and also for Sony PlayStation as a network administrator. He has appeared in the credits of two PlayStation 3 games, “Warhawk” and “Calling All Cars.” Brandon later completed his Bachelor’s degree from Weber State University.

Brandon has been with Executech for over six years. He was originally drawn to this company after years of working in outsourced IT and being frustrated by the fact that much of IT service didn’t have a human touch. In the middle of trying to start his own IT company to do IT the “right” way, Brandon applied for an open position at Executech. After his first interview, he knew he had “finally found a company that does IT the way I would do IT”. Brandon now oversees all of the technician force for northern Utah. Brandon enjoys the outdoors, sports and hunting.

James Fair

 | VP of Technical Operations for Central Division

James grew up all over the country, but Texas, California and Utah are the states closest to his heart. As a child, James was naturally curious and often took apart and reassembled watches and other gadgets. He got hooked on computers when he was given an early computer and learned the basic programming language. When his family got an upgraded computer, he immersed himself in mastering DOS and learning the Intel 8088 series hardware. During high school, he took programming classes, which got him his first job as a system administrator.

While looking for a new job opportunity, James found Executech. It seemed like it would be the perfect place for him to work. He was drawn to the “Best Places to Work in Utah” awards and other recognition the company had received. While being interviewed for a job, James was impressed with the culture that Eric had created and the employees that supported him. Today James provides guidance and training to Executech’s growing technical team. He is a valuable resource of knowledge and wisdom to the team leaders of our technical teams. James loves volunteering, traveling, hiking and photography.

Bryan Haslip

 | VP of Technical Operations for South Division

Bryan is a proud Utah native from South Jordan. He first started getting into computers and technology while in High School, working in a help desk position. He’s continued to grow and expand his knowledge of the IT world ever since. Bryan attended Utah State University and studied aviation for several years and still loves flying to this day!

Bryan was drawn to Executech by the amazing company culture that he saw and wanted to be part of. He has been with Executech for over six years and has become a true Executech all-star. Bryan is the newest member of the Executech leadership team and leads Executech’s technical teams in the southern region of the state, spanning from Lehi to St. George, Las Vegas and beyond. Bryan is one of the few technicians to be Microsoft certified in both Azure and Office 365.

Edwin Mendoza

 | Vice President of Quality Assurance

Edwin was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, but grew up in Miami, Florida. Edwin’s first computer was a gaming computer he built himself at age 15. Edwin completed his degree at Miami Dade College in Information Systems. Although he had an affinity for technology, his career path began in sales. For many years he worked as a sales rep for an electronics store, selling computer parts and accessories. He later moved to B2B sales and purchasing. Edwin eventually moved to Utah and went to work for Goldman Sachs as a tech support operator and a Blackberry server administrator.

After many years Edwin wanted to get out of the large corporate world. He applied for several jobs and found Executech. He had a great feeling about the company, which at the time only had eight employees. Today Edwin is the head of technical quality assurance. He ensures that all of our clients’ needs are being met and that proper techniques and technology is being used by Executech’s entire technical staff. Edwin loves spending time with his family, enjoys good music and is an avid golfer.

Jeff Scheurman

 | Vice President of Oregon Division

Jeff spent his childhood in the woods of Washington State. His family provided many opportunities to travel and move around. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from DeVry University, Jeff was able to gain experience in security technology, low voltage cabling, business ownership and management. After returning from a deployment to Afghanistan with the Army National Guard, Jeff was looking for someplace that would allow him flexibility as well as a wide range of opportunities. Executech provided that and much more.

As VP of Employee Development, Jeff ensures that Executech has the expertise and discipline to fulfill our commitments to our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Jeff has spent the last four years helping Executech grow and expand as a Team Lead, VP, and, most importantly, an IT Consultant. He has worked in various aspects of the IT industry for over 17 years. Jeff enjoys running his small family farm with his wife and seven children. When time permits, Jeff can be found playing competitive volleyball, rock climbing, and getting up into the mountains.