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What Is a Network Assessment?

Great question! Our IT Assessment is performed by a Senior Account Executive and one of our certified Tier 3 technicians. The goal of the Assessment is to discover what technology needs you may have. We look for:

Assessments typically last an hour. We usually ask to see your server room and to talk with someone familiar with your network.

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What Will You Get from the Assessment?

Our number one priority during an IT Assessment is to act as a consultant and expert for your organization. 

We will often provide a quote for service based on the needs we observe and discuss. We will also provide you with action items such as:

What will you get from the assessment?
What is a Network Assessment?

Do You Only Work with Certain Types of Technology?

We consider ourselves technology agnostic. This means that we don’t require you to move to our hardware to become a client. 

While we do have preferred products and strong recommendations (especially when it comes to security), we don’t force our clients into just one solution.

With over 20 years in business and over 100 consultants on staff, we work with a massive variety of software and hardware  even legacy and industry-specific products.

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Do You Work in My Industry?

For over 20 years, Executech has provided enterprise-level support to organizations across the West. From non-profits to technology leaders, we’ve seen the inside of thousands of networks.

Some of the notable industries we work in include Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Technology, Non-Profits, Education, Manufacturing, Construction, and more.

We are masters of the IT craft, and no environment is too complex or too unique for us to make a difference in. 

What will you get from the assessment?
what it's like to work with Executech

What’s It Like to Work with Executech?

Executech works to earn you business every month. We are committed to your success and your specific goals.

Our resources and services are structured to work around your business and to make technology work for you.

Our team is committed to a more personal and friendly approach to IT. Learn more about our approach.