The Executech Way

Our Unique IT Philosophy


Improve lives, organizations, and communities through technology.


Become the largest and most-trusted IT partner in the Western U.S.



We value employees, clients, and partners above everything else. People are the most important part of what we do, and we work tirelessly to be respectful, kind, and selfless.


We do the right thing, no matter what. This means following through on our commitments, doing what’s best for the client, being totally honest and building relationships of trust.


We take ownership of every facet of our work including our time, our mistakes, and our successes. We are passionate about taking the initiative and seeing things through to the end.


We crave personal and professional growth. We know that grit and a love of learning will help individuals and teams accomplish greatness.


We are happier and more successful when we work together. We are fiercely loyal to each other, and we know that teamwork is necessary to succeed.


We strive to be expert communicators and listeners. We make all of our communication simple and sincere. We listen first and act upon clear understanding.


We aim to do and be GREAT. We reject being adequate, “fine,” or just good. We believe in doing our very best in all our work. We are great people at a great company.

Executech Values Circle


We are not your average IT organization. We strive to defy the perception of the stiff, closeted, IT person. When we hire technicians for our team, we look for individuals who stand out from the average IT individual.

Many organizations and IT professionals believe that the world revolves around IT and that business is at its mercy. We believe that the opposite is true. IT exists only because of business. IT is here to serve as a tool for business. This is a fundamental difference in our philosophy versus the majority of IT personnel. It is a fact that business practices are as important as technical practices. We believe in being good technically, but great professionally.

One of our biggest differentiators is our commitment to do the majority of work onsite at our clients’ offices. We want to create a personal and open relationship with our clients. When necessary, we will do work remotely, but we are not a ghost service IT company. We put a human touch on IT, which creates meaningful relationships.

We seek to understand our clients’ business objectives and processes and strive to find great technical tools to help their business. Our model is to always provide proactive management of a computer network. We want to stop problems before they happen and build solutions that will last for the long-term. We don’t believe in Band-Aid fixes. Being proactive with our clients means:

  • We are actively involved in your network so it is stable and secure.  
  • We are extremely strict about backup procedures.  
  • We stay up to date on your network structure through SOPs and thorough documentation.
  • We always take ownership of any problem and see the issue through to completion.
  • We finish what we start and we complete every project to its fullest.
  • We follow up and communicate regularly to keep you informed and educated.
  • We seek to have an intimate knowledge of your network and technology needs. We are your go-to experts for every technical need.

We are sincerely invested in the success of your business. We want to be proactive in finding solutions to help you grow. We seek to make connections and relationships with your staff so they feel we are a part of your team. We want you and your staff to completely rely on us for any issue. Our human touch on IT combined with our years of technical experience allows us to be the best IT services provider in the Intermountain West.

This is our commitment and guarantee to all our clients. This is why we have seen tremendous growth. Not just because we are technical experts, but because we are personal professionals.