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What is an IT Assessment?

Great question! Our IT assessment is performed by a Sr. Account Executive and one of our certified Tier III technicians. The goal of the assessment is to discover what technology needs you may have. The common items we look for during the assessment include:

  • Network security vulnerabilities and strengths.
  • Checking on the status of data backups.
  • Ways to improve network and technology efficiency.
  • What compliance standards are relevant and are they being met.
  • Any other technology-related concerns, issues or areas of improvement.

Assessments typically last an hour depending on the complexity of your network environment. We usually ask to see your server room and to talk with someone familiar with your network.

Our number one priority during an IT assessment is to act as a consultant and expert for your organization. We hope that our advice will inspire you to become a client, but if not, no pressure! We are here to offer our expertise and be a genuine help.


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