Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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Secure Your Business Against Any Kind of Digital Threat

Cybersecurity technology for your business has never been more important. IT security experts no longer warn you about if you’ll be attacked, but when. Threats against your data come from more sources than ever. Small businesses are most vulnerable to digital threats and often the least prepared.

Executech’s team of digital security consultants have the expertise and training to help your business navigate the complexities of cybersecurity. Securing your business data is our priority, and we bring the tools, the people and the processes needed to keep your business secure from any cyber threat.

Get an introductory look at the cyber threats facing businesses today and learn about the best ways to protect and defend your data in our Executech Course from Eric Montague.

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Cybersecurity Tools

We have partnered with the leaders in IT security software and technology to bring our clients the best security solutions possible. Whether it’s ransomware protection, anti-virus software, data backup or robust firewalls, we can provide the technology to safeguard against cyber attacks and digital threats. We also ensure that in the event of a breach or attack, your business can recovery rapidly through redundant and secure backups and restoration policies.

IT Security Consultants

At Executech, we pride ourselves on our experienced team of IT consultants. We offer more than just a phone call or a chat box; we offer help and planning from a certified expert. Our IT consultants bring a personal touch to IT services and will collaborate with you to create the best IT security solution for your business.

Network Assessments & Training

We are your partner in network security for your business. Through a series of cybersecurity audits, we create plans for training, policies, and procedures for all your cybersecurity needs. This includes providing Internet Use Policy creation, SOPs, penetration testing, network assessment and employee training. All of these activities and policies will add a deeper level of confidence in your IT security plan.

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Keep Your Business Safe From Cybercriminals

In this Executech Workshop Eric Montague, CEO of Executech gives an in-depth look into common cyber threats and a variety of ways that businesses can protect themselves.

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