Government Agency IT Support – Comprehensive IT Solutions and Support for A Critical Service

Working in the public sector means high technology demands – we deliver your IT solutions and services!

Executech’s team of experts have worked for decades in the public sector. They are able to deliver comprehensive managed IT services that exceed expectations. 

Why do government agencies choose Executech for managed IT services?

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What our Governmental Clients Say

Benefit from exceptional Public Sector Services

IT Consulting

Our IT consultants introduce into your IT environment the right mix of software, hardware, services and solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, leading to a more efficient network overall. 

Network Management

Older and vulnerable networks are prone to slowdowns, bringing work to halt and frustrating your team. Our network support professionals proactively minimize downtime, boost security and optimize efficiency with our network solutions.  

Cloud Services

With the right IT company by your side, you’ll b e able to leverage the full power of the cloud without running into the challenges common to public sector entities working on the cloud. We’ll migrate your data securely to a cloud environment while maintaining and ensuring ongoing compliance.  


Even a single cybersecurity breach can lead to massive losses – especially in the public sector. Our cybersecurity experts will develop a top-tier cybersecurity array using software and services to secure your data and your network. 

Managed firewall

One of the most critical factors in protecting your IT is the strength of your firewalls. With Executech, you can rest easy – you’ll access automated threat detection, end-user management, virus and spam prevention, and more.

Email Security

Email security discipline is key to preventing one of the most common avenues of attack for cybercriminals. We’ll utilize anti-phishing software, spam filters, multi-factor authentication, and more that not only protects your team, but also ensures compliance. On top of that, we’ll train your team up on the latest cybersecurity best practices. 

Fully Managed IT Services

You don’t want to spend your day struggling with your IT while work piles up – and with Executech, you won’t have to. As your managed services provider, we’ll completely handle all your IT needs and demands so you and your team can concentrate on your vital work for the public. 

Helpdesk Service

Never again suffer alone, without help when faced with an IT interruption. Eliminate staff and public frustration with our oncall helpdesk team, able to respond to any IT issue quickly online, so you can get back to work faster.  

Field Tech Support

Should complex issues that can’t be dealt with remotely occur, our dedicated team of field techs will deploy straight to your doorstep to get you back up and running – fast.  

We’ll keep you safe from being hacked!

Locations in Utah, California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon are ready to serve you.

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Government Agency IT Support

Empowering your agency with data

Government agencies can use real-time data to smooth processes and overall create efficiencies. Our IT consultants will develop reporting processes that provide visibility on your critical data while also ensuring its integrity and security at all times. 

Keeping you up to date with quarterly reporting

You’ll never be surprised by your IT services. You’ll get a quarterly report and forward-looking plan for the next 3-6 months so you always know what’s happening and what’s next with your environment. 

Expertise for all occasions

A Sr. Engineer, team lead, division director, VP or GM for the region, a CSM and our service desk are all at your disposal.

We manage all your tech.

Public entities often have to work with a mix of technology from different eras. Ensuring they all work harmoniously is what our IT consultants can do for you. We manage and inspect legacy devices and programs to identify and close security gaps. 

Network continuity.

We work with existing vendors or ISP’s to resolve legacy IT issues, keeping data flowing and compliance in mind.

Total communication overhaul. 

Our IT team will manage your phones and carriers, UCaaS, ERP or accounting systems to help keep your networks secure – and running smoothly.

Governemnt IT solutions and services!

Case Studies

Rescuing a Company from Ransomware

How a family-owned auto dealership recovered from a costly ransomware attack by making the switch to Executech.

Saving a Small Business From Cyber-Attacks

How a family business avoided shutdown by using Executech’s managed security services.

Cutting Costs, Saving Time

How Caselle used Office 365 to transform their Business

Upgrade your IT!

Our Executech team will manage your entire organization’s IT needs, help you attain and maintain compliance, and help you continue to serve the public at peak efficiency. 

  • Secure your data.

Our cybersecurity experts make sure the data you are entrusted with remains safe and your networks operate at peak efficiency.

  • Augment your infrastructure.

Our IT consultants improve your infrastructure so it’s secure and fast, enabling your team to better serve the public as well as the needs of your staff. 

  • Ongoing support. 

Help desk and field support at your disposal and ready for any emergency, so you can keep your networks in top shape.

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