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Benefits of Partnering with Executech

“When we retained Executech to maintain our network, we had numerous technical challenges. Our most pressing problems were centered on poor service from our previous provider and email problems. We made the move to Executech and within days of making the change, we were extremely relieved and our problems had a path to a solution. The technicians at Executech are very personable and professional. For the first time in some time, we feel confident in our technology and the provider supporting us.”

Jennifer Mitchell


Peterson Partners


Salt Lake City, UT

Peterson Partners

“Going with Executech for our IT support is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! At first, we thought it was all too good to be true. We are incredibly impressed with the level of personalized and friendly customer service we’ve received. Executech has been extremely responsive to issues we have experienced and as a result, has increased our agency’s efficiency. Not a week goes by without our staff praising Executech and our IT consultant.”

Shelby Satko


Washington Vocational Services


Everett, WA

Washington Vocational Services

“I recommend doing business with Executech with no reservations whatsoever. It is a pleasure knowing and working with all of their service technicians and I can equally recommend any of them. They are honest, knowledgeable, prompt and hard working. In addition, their company offers fair competitive prices.”

Tricia Morgan


Machinery Consultants Inc.


Salt Lake City, UT

Machinery Consultants Inc.

“We have had a great experience with Executech’s friendly, capable staff. We struggled to obtain fairytale IT services in the past but found Executech to be nothing less than IT knights in shining armor! We thought their sales pitch for services sounded too good to be true, but have found them to be a valuable, qualified group of experts with fair and reasonable pricing for all of our IT needs. We highly recommend their services to help any organization rise out technological dark ages.”

Adam Cowie


Lindon City


Lindon, Utah

Lindon City

About Us

Executech is an industry leader in managed IT services in Utah. We’ve been in the IT business in Utah for 20 years and know what Utah companies need to succeed. We cover a wide range of clients spanning the Wasatch front and all the way down to the red rocks of southern Utah. We have technicians throughout the entire state ready to come onsite to your business and help with your IT needs.

We also have a full remote support team that can help in an emergency and can provide valuable off-site work. Executech is passionate about providing a people first approach to IT. Here at Executech, it’s always about the people.

Currently, we service clients of every size throughout all of Utah. We have clients in remote locations with one computer in the office, all the way up to massive tech companies in Lehi with over 400 employees. Regardless of your size or location, Executech can provide the IT support that you need.

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Why Executech?

No Contracts
That’s right, no contracts! Your needs as a business change constantly, so why shouldn’t your IT support? We exist to help you and your business succeed and thrive. By not requiring contracts we’re able to consistently tailor our support to best fit your needs.

On-Site Support
We provide onsite support first; always! Face to face interactions are key to understanding and communicating. All of our technicians are highly skilled technically and equally skilled communicators. Our techs will be on site to proactively prevent problems and work with you and your staff to maximize your IT capabilities. Business is about people, and IT should be no different.

Your Own Technician
We are people first in every sense of the phrase. That means that every client has their own dedicated technician. You won’t ever have to deal with a revolving door of techs who don’t know you or your network. Our techs are in it for the long haul with you. They’ll learn your teams and your networks. We believe this approach helps us to service your IT needs at the highest level.

Expert Technicians
All of our technicians are held to extremely high standards of knowledge, skill, and performance. In other words, they are all true IT experts. They’re trained in-depth weekly and are required to be consistently learning and growing. This allows them to be on the cutting edge of everything IT. For you, this means that they will be able to provide the best support possible for you and your business.

1314 W 11400 S

South Jordan, UT 84095

Our Services

We specialize in all areas of IT support. Here are some of our main areas of focus:

Managed Service Provider | IT Managed Service Provider | IT MSP | MSP | Business IT Services | Business Managed IT Services

Managed IT Support

Managed IT support is an ongoing project and each new day brings new challenges and problems to be solved. Our highly trained technicians are ready to tackle whatever IT problems you face. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide onsite support. We are proactive and fast in providing help desk and troubleshooting support. Each client has their own technician, but if they’re unable to help immediately, we have an entire remote support team, and over 100 mobile technicians who can step in and instantly provide the needed support.

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Cloud Backup

Cloud is the future of business. Executech offers complete cloud backup setup and maintenance services. We proactively implement cloud backup and replication services that protect your business against disaster. Backups are the single best way to protect your data. Cloud backups and replications are essential parts of every business’ IT plan. What’s your plan right now? Contact us today for a free consultation to see what cloud services will work best for you and your business!


The cybersecurity landscape is always changing. Potential hackers are constantly creating new ways to steal and ransom your data. Good cybersecurity practices are all about layering in protections. No one defense practice will adequately protect your organization. At Executech we are experts at helping businesses create thorough nets of cybersecurity defenses to best protect your business. Don’t wait until you’re a victim to start planning your cyber defenses.

Microsoft Azure- Cloud Computing

Cloud services and computing is one of the easiest ways to enhance your business. Microsoft Azure is your server in the cloud. Azure allows you to have access to processing power, tools, applications, and capabilities that would be impossible with most on-premise servers. You’ll also gain access to Microsoft’s industry-leading defense systems that will keep your data and servers safe and sound. To learn more about Azure and its wide array of benefits, contact an Executech representative today!

Microsoft Office 365 Sale | Deal on Office 365 | Office 365 Cheap

Office 365 and Email Hosting

Executech is a Microsoft Gold partner. We’ve earned this status after decades of learning and becoming experts in all things Microsoft. Executech is your local expert for everything Microsoft, including Office 365. One of the most helpful functions we specialize in is email hosting and migration through Outlook. Outlook is the best email service for working professionals and Executech can help you migrate from your old email provider and not lose a step.

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerhouse tool of collaboration and efficiency. Office 365 comes with all of the applications you’re familiar with like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; plus amazing additions like Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, OneNote, Sway, and over two dozen others. All of these applications come with web versions and apps that are compatible with all cell phone and tablet providers. This means that you can access your files from anywhere on any device. Each app also has built-in collaboration tools that allow your organization to work fluidly together. The best part? Everything is automatically saved to the cloud. That means no more lost projects!

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VoIP Phone Services

Using VoIP (Voice of Internet Provider) phones will save you time and money while increasing your capabilities. VoIP is your phone through the internet. By connecting to the internet you’re no longer tied down to phone lines. This allows you to easily add, subtract, connect, and move phones. VoIP comes with an amazing array of features that aren’t available with landlines at a fraction of the cost. Learn more about VoIP phone systems here and to find out about how you can get your first month of VoIP free!

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software is the foundation of technology in the workplace. Executech technicians are experts in all of the current hardware and software products. We can help you and your organization find the best products at the best possible price for you and your budget. We have relationships with every major supplier of hardware and software in Utah and can help you get the best possible deals on the equipment you need. Contact us to sign up for a free assessment and consultation to see how you can improve your equipment.

Network Cabling

Network cabling is an often overlooked part of IT. Having a neatly organized server room will increase the efficiency and capabilities of your server. Getting networks running smooth and server rooms clean and efficient are foundational strengths of Executech. Contact us today to see how we can help get your server running at its highest capacity.

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With Executech you will always be valued. Your needs, concerns, and budgets will always be given top priority. We recognize that IT is a supplementary service to whatever your business may do, and therefore we need to be flexible to mold to your changing needs. As such, we don’t require any kind of contract! That’s right, no contracts! Your IT needs are ever-changing and therefore your IT service provider should be able to change with you.

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