IT Services and Computer Support for Maintaining Banking and Financial Compliance Demands

Complete and Secure Network Infrastructure and IT Support

Our Executech team possesses decades of experience working in the financial sector, allowing you to lean on industry proven managed IT services.

Why do financial professionals choose Executech as their IT support company?

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What Clients Say About Our Financial IT Solutions/Services

Benefit from exceptional Banking Industry Services


The financial industry is under constant threat of cyberattack. Our cybersecurity experts leverage industry-leading software to help you stay protected against current and emerging threats.

Managed Firewall

A well-developed firewall is absolutely essential in the financial industry – and with Executech as your IT computer support partner, you’ll stay better protected with network security solutions such as automated threat detection, end-user management, virus and spam prevention, and more.

IT Consulting

Our IT consultants customize your service to the unique demands of your business and in accordance with industry regulations – allowing you to benefit from software and hardware solutions that improve your IT infrastructure while keeping you compliant.

Network Management

In the financial industry, speed is paramount and you can’t afford to waste time. Our network support professionals take proactive measures to reduce or outright eliminate all IT network slowdowns.

Fully Managed IT

Don’t let your IT issues distract you! Our IT consultants will fully manage your entire IT so your team can focus on your business’s critical objectives and growth.

Efficient Helpdesk

Time is money. Your team shouldn’t be left waiting for support when dealing with IT disruptions. Our helpdesk team will efficiently and quickly eliminate your IT frustrations, no matter when or where they may appear.

Cloud Services

Financial businesses that fail to operate in a cloud-powered ecosystem are missing out on advantages that their competitors may be leveraging. In fact, it’s essentially industry standard at this point to have a fully functioning cloud environment. With Executech in your corner, you can migrate your data to the cloud and ensure compliance with minimum to no downtime.

Field Tech Support

We know how sensitive data and networks are in the financial industry. When an issue strikes that requires onsite support, we send out dedicated field techs to address the issue quickly, reducing the threat of downtime and potential exposure.

Email Security

Email security is paramount in finance. We use a variety of solutions to keep your business safe, including anti-phishing software, spam filters, multi-factor authentication, and more, while also maintaining security compliance at all times.

Benefit from exceptional Banking Industry Services

The financial industry is under constant threat of cyberattack. Our cybersecurity experts leverage industry-leading software to help you stay protected against current and emerging threats.

We’ll keep you safe from being hacked!

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Finance Managed IT

Key Insights Into Your Data

Our IT consultants provide access to critical information for your financial company. We put processes and reporting in place that yield dividends by allowing you to access pertinent data on demand.

Forward Thinking

During quarterly meetings, you’ll not only gain visibility in what’s being done to augment your IT but also gain a forward-looking picture that covers the next 3 to 6 months.


With our IT team, you can gap fill specific IT roles or having your entire IT stack managed by a team of over 140 experienced IT technicians. At your disposal are:

  • VP
  • GM
  • Team leads
  • Senior engineers
  • Division director
  • Helpdesk technical support

We Manage All of Your Tech - So You Don’t Have To

Your team should be focused on client work and growing your bottom-line, not on whether your technology is working properly. Our IT consultants will fully manage all your technology – regardless of whether we installed it – relieving your business of its IT demands, so your team can concentrate on what’s important. 

Protecting Your Networks

We work with and manage your existing vendors or ISP’s, addressing existing IT issues, proactively preventing future ones, and maintaining an uninterrupted flow of information. 

Keeping Your Business Running Without Interruption

Our IT services don’t stop at just managed IT. We provide management services for phones and carriers, UCaaS, ERP, and accounting systems as well.

Finance IT Support

Case Studies

Rescuing a Company from Ransomware

How a family-owned auto dealership recovered from a costly ransomware attack by making the switch to Executech.

Saving a Small Business From Cyber-Attacks

How a family business avoided shutdown by using Executech’s managed security services.

Cutting Costs, Saving Time

How Caselle used Office 365 to transform their Business

Audit Your IT Services

Our Executech team will perform a comprehensive assessment of your IT, allowing us to better manage your IT needs, help you achieve compliance, and ensure your business is running at peak efficiency.

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