Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Why you should outsource your IT

Outsourcing your IT is a choice that will pay dividends for your organization immediately as well as continuously throughout the future. Here are the top 5 reasons to outsource your IT.

1) Cost

Employees are expensive. By outsourcing your IT you’re able to greatly reduce the cost of hiring an in-house IT technician. You avoid paying for benefits, equipment, taxes, and all of the other charges that come with hiring employees.

2) Knowledge

Technicians from IT outsourcing companies are industry experts. They manage networks and systems for many different industries. They are consistently trained and educated on the latest trends, practices, and threats. With the rate at which technology and cyber threats progress it’s near impossible for in-house IT professionals or small IT departments to stay up to date on what’s current.

3) Greater Control

When you outsource your IT you gain greater control. With full-time employees, you’re tied down to 40 hours a week consistently and can rarely have work done evenings or weekends. When you outsource your IT you are able to pay for the work that needs to get done and get it done when you need it. Many businesses have busier seasons and require more labor during those months than other months. With outsourced IT help, you’re able to adapt your coverage to fit your business’ needs as they change throughout the day or year.

4) Improved Focus

By outsourcing your IT you’re able to take the worry of IT off your plate. It allows you to increase your focus on the tasks that are more important. By removing the worry of if your computers and network will function to the level you need them to, you can give more attention to the areas of your business that are more important.

5) Reduced Risk

One person or a small team are unlikely to be able to be as up to date on cutting-edge IT practices than outsourced IT professionals. IT outsourcing companies have more access to resources and training to keep them current on IT trends, threats, and practices. Therefore, by outsourcing your IT, you’re able to reduce risk by gaining access to their knowledge and resources. By choosing to outsource your IT you’re able to gain access to teams of top-notch professionals. These teams can share information, tips, updates, and knowledge with each other. That means that if your technician doesn’t know how to solve a situation, they can quickly connect with someone on their team who does. Thus ensuring that your company is protected from even the newest threats and equipped with the latest tools and equipment.

Outsourcing IT Success Story

Norbest is a Turkey raising and processing company in Utah. They used to have a four-person in-house IT department. Their systems used to crash daily and would have consistent issues that hindered their productivity. Norbest decided to switch all of their IT needs to Executech, an managed IT services company. They immediately saw great results. First and foremost, they saved over $150,000 by switching to Executech. Not only did their prices drop considerably but the effectiveness of their systems increased. As mentioned before, they used to experience major IT issues daily, including full system crashes. Since Norbest hired Executech three and a half years ago, their network has been stable. That means they haven’t had one single crash since! By outsourcing their IT, Norbest saved over $150,000 and drastically increased their overall efficiency.

One thing that every business has in common today is the reliance on computers. Computer problems are one of the largest frustrations of employees and causes of downtime in the workplace. By outsourcing your IT you put your network in the hands of trusted professionals. They are able to remove the worry and frustrations caused by computers and help your business succeed.

Executech: IT Services With a Personal Touch

Outsourced IT services

At Executech, we’ve been providing IT support to Utah companies for over 18 years. We know what the risks and downsides of outsourcing are and we have built our company policies around reducing them for all of our clients. Executech clients receive a dedicated, on-site IT technician. We believe in bringing a personal touch to IT and we want to be present for all of our service. One of our client’s that was very satisfied with switching to our personal approach said,

“Executech is onsite at our location regularly. This way we are able to have face-to-face professional service instead of them handling problems over the phone. We have found this to be beneficial because they are able to handle the problems quicker and without taking up our staff’s time. Executech Utah is an asset to our company and would be to any company that uses their services.
Mary Mower, JBA Research – Salt Lake City, Utah

We know there’s nothing worse than poor communication and feeling like you don’t have control. Our IT staff is thoroughly trained in documenting all of our work and communicating regularly and openly about the work we do. Good communication is key to building a healthy relationship with our clients and ensuring they get the best service possible.

We are very aware of the huge impact network downtime can have on a business. We reduce downtime by using the best technology to keep your business running. Most importantly, our technicians are on-call 24/7/365. Even if it’s Christmas Day and your server goes down, your personal Executech consultant will be there to help fix the problem (true story!).

Getting outsourced IT help shouldn’t cause you to panic. By partnering with a local expert consultant, you’ll get personalized help with IT Services in SeattleIT Support in Spokane, or  Managed IT Services in Utah or Oregon.