The Biggest Industries in Spokane

Spokane, WA is a vibrant city located in Eastern Washington and home to many thriving industries. From the automotive industry to manufacturing and high tech, Spokane plays an integral part in the Pacific Northwest economy.

With its diverse culture and strong job market, businesses in the area are increasingly looking for opportunities to grow their operations here. Learn more about some of the biggest industries in Spokane that have made their mark on the city in this blog!

Biggest Industries in Spokane


Exploring the Top Industries in Spokane

Spokane is a beautiful city with a thriving economy – home to the Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane Convention Center, and Washington State University.

With the population projected to pass 600,000 residents by 2040, it promises a great deal of economic growth in future years.

Let’s take a look at some of the top industries in Spokane driving growth in and around the city.


1. Manufacturing

Spokane is a booming manufacturing hub with top companies like Pepsi, Sherwin-Williams, and Nike serving as part of the local economy.

As one of the top industries in Spokane, manufacturing companies are attracted to the area for its affordable transportation and real estate costs and government programs that make the city of Spokane a thriving place for wholesale retail and trade.

In fact, in 2019, the state of Washington was home to 299.000 manufacturing employees – 43% above the national average.

As one of the most booming Spokane industries, the industry continues to grow at a rate of 8.4% with a diverse range of products and goods produced in the region.

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2. Health Sciences

Spokane County alone employs 18.5% of the total workforce in health and life sciences, with Washington State University playing a major role in making it one of Spokane’s top industries.

To support life and health sciences research, Spokane valley established the Health Sciences and Services Authority (HSSA) in 2007 – another factor that has contributed to the growth of health sciences in our regional economy.

Researchers use these funds to develop new methods to combat disease and promote public health in Spokane.

As one of the most prominent industries in Spokane, top names include:

  • CHAS Health
  • Cancer Care Northwest
  • Providence
  • And more


industries in Spokane

Image Credit: Spokane Economic and Demographic Data


3. Managed Services Industries

Professional and business services make up a large portion of Spokane’s top industries, with professional and managed IT services in large demand throughout the area as companies look to scale their business operations through the use of technology.

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4. Food Processing

Food processing is one of the biggest industries in Spokane with major names like Crown Foods Lockers, Rizzuto Foods Inc., and Concessions Supply employing thousands of local residents in the area.

As a prominent producer of apple juice, meat products, and more, a large contribution of the food processing industry can be seen through Spokane valley’s ties to agriculture and business.


5. High Technology

As a growing technology hub for the Inland Northwest, high technology has grown to be one of Spokane’s top industries in recent years.

Top companies with locations in the area include:

  • Amazon
  • Honeywell
  • IBM
  • And more

With the benefit of easy access to a large pool of tech recruitment from Seattle, this has led to high technology being added to the list of thriving Spokane industries in recent years.

While it may be no silicon valley, it’s on its way to putting its name on the geographic map of tech development throughout the Greater USA and North America.

Spokane industries


6. Agriculture

As mentioned in its association to food processing, agriculture makes up a major chunk of employment as one of the most long standing industries in Spokane.

The city’s roots are in agribusiness, generating more than $117 million in economic impact each year and employing 1,576 people.

It has become so prominent that tourists are being drawn to local farms within the area for farming events and experiences, leading to the development of a whole new form of “agricultural tourism.”

Major agricultural companies in the area include:

  • Latah Creek Wine Cellars
  • Spokane Seed Co.
  • Lima Greenhouses
  • And more


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