Biggest Benefits of Managed IT Services

Many businesses would cease to be competitive without the benefits of managed IT services.

From allocating too many resources to time-consuming tasks to being unable to provide enough support services as a business grows, there are many pitfalls for large to small businesses to avoid that managed IT benefits can remedy.

For instance, a business owner with an under-capacity helpdesk may notice a drop-off in IT resolution speed and user satisfaction. During such cases, a business may turn to a managed service provider (MSP) to serve as their point of contact for expediting IT troubleshooting and improving end-user experiences.

This is but one example of the many managed IT service advantages there are. For more information regarding the importance of managed IT services and the top 10 benefits, keep reading.

The Top 10 Managed IT Services Benefits

Managed service advantages enable businesses to maintain day-to-day operations while meeting short and long-term needs. From consolidating vendor management for improved simplicity and cost savings to implementing 24/7 remote monitoring for systems, networks, users, infrastructure, and more, there are many advantages for evolving businesses.

Among the top 10 managed IT benefits include:

1. Improved IT Budgeting

Information technology costs can run up quickly in business.

From maintaining existing systems to upgrading hardware, there are many additional costs to managing an organization’s evolving infrastructure that aren’t often accounted for (or prepared).

Managed services help to mitigate the shock of sudden IT costs by:

  • maintaining systems on an ongoing basis to keep IT infrastructure running smoothly for longer, and
  • forecasting future IT spending needs based on both the current situation and projected future growth plans.

Often there are hidden costs around the business in the form of efficiency from technical debt. Technical debt is the costs associated with running a business while using outdated or obsolete technology, which increases the time needed for processes that take other businesses less time to implement.

2. Access to a Team of Experts

Your business is not an IT company – you specialize in what you sell and do – but IT is something every business needs.

It is really hard to get top-tier talent on staff, which is why many companies use a Managed Service for their IT.

You get the benefit of having on-call expertise, but only need to pay for a fraction of the cost of a full-time specialist. Most businesses likely don’t need someone like that on staff full-time, but every business benefits from having someone skilled like this available to handle IT issues.

3. Strengthen Data Protection

To remain competitive, many managed service providers frequently invest in their technologies. Then, when businesses entrust a provider for their services, they often leverage the same technologies as their providers, resulting in:

  • Less downtime with proactive business continuity and disaster recovery services
  • Reduced vulnerabilities through the use of 24/7 monitoring and cybersecurity solutions
  • Enhanced data protection business-wide with enterprise-grade solutions accessible at more competitive rates


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4. Faster Response Time

MSPs often support service-level agreements (SLAs) or service-level objectives (SLOs), which state the appropriate response time to particular IT events. To maintain client accountability, MSPs often conduct quarterly IT performance and satisfaction reviews to ensure all aspects of their agreements are being followed and that goals remain aligned.

5. Minimize Network Downtime

Did you know the average minute of downtime costs businesses $5,600? Fortunately, managed service providers proactively minimize downtime through offering services like:

  • Network monitoring and management
  • Comprehensive business continuity planning
  • Off-site/on-site data backup and disaster recovery services

Benefits of Managed IT Services

6. Maximize Cloud Computing Capabilities

Cloud computing has exploded over recent years, with 94% of enterprises using the cloud. As more businesses continue to embrace cloud technology, more companies will continue to rely on MSPs to benefit from the following service advantages:

  • Lowering security risks by implementing cloud data backups
  • Easing the complexity of cloud computing with knowledgeable cloud experts
  • Optimizing infrastructure costs with thorough checks-and-balances to ensure
  • Improving process scalability by helping align infrastructure and the cloud compatibly
  • Streamlining on-premises and off-premises migrations with proven cloud migration strategies

7. Enhanced Scalability

Another advantage of managed services is that they offer more scalability than in-house teams.

For those that have outgrown their current resources but cannot justify a new in-house hire, managed services can bridge the divide. To expand, MSPs can provide a variable range of support to meet evolving needs, allowing for smoother growth phases. It should also be noted that MSPs possess the resources to minimize growing pains and scale quickly and efficiently.

8. IT Vendor Management

Managing hardware, software, and infrastructure is challenging.

A professional IT company can unlock access to competitive enterprise-level pricing, negotiate favorable terms for services, and vet invoices to make sure you aren’t being charged twice for the same thing  that knows the ropes, offers far better industry rates, and can offload the burdens of managing an ever-evolving infrastructure.

9. Improve Core Business Focus Without Compromising

Managed services enable businesses to improve focus while elevating IT capabilities. For instance, by offloading an IT helpdesk, businesses can free up in-house IT from remediating break-fix issues and allocate that personnel to tasks deemed a higher priority for the company.

10. Security Awareness Training

Social engineering scams are amongst the costliest data breaches, averaging $4.1 million in costs. Why? Cybercriminals have discovered that it’s easier to fool a human than it is to force entry against stronger technologies. As a result, social engineering scams have skyrocketed in frequency and severity.

With managed services, businesses can educate employees about cybersecurity while increasing their security awareness for identifying, avoiding, and reporting malicious IT attacks.


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Maximize Managed IT Services Advantages with Executech

MSPs provide organizations with a cost-effective way to manage and meet their IT needs. Through the benefits of managed IT services, businesses can:

  • Reduce IT operating costs
  • Streamline IT asset management
  • Improve IT support business-wide
  • Minimize IT headaches and downtime
  • Ensure current and future IT needs are met

To ensure these needs are met, consider Executech for all of your managed services. With more than 20 years in business, our team has helped more than 680 companies and 26,400 end users meet their IT needs while reflecting an average CSAT rating of 98%. We ensure businesses get the most out of managed IT services, not just today but all the days to follow.

For more information regarding our managed IT services and the advantages they can bring to your business, contact us today for more information.

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