What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services, or managed services, are a growing trend in modern business. Many companies are incorporating it into their current business model. But, what is it and why should you care?

Managed Services

Managed IT services are simply an outside company managing your IT. That means they come into your organization and help make sure your computers and networks are running at their best. These services include email hosting and services, cybersecurity, general troubleshooting, cabling, firewalls, backups, cloud services, printer services and much more.

Managed IT services can fit for every business regardless of size or industry. For some companies, they outsource their entire IT department and all of their IT needs to a managed IT services provider. Other companies maintain an IT department, and just outsource portions of their IT needs.

Benefits of Managed IT Services


Outsourcing your IT is cheaper than managing it in house. By outsourcing your IT you get to avoid the taxes, benefit costs, and other expenses of having in-house employees. Also, you have the ability to only pay for the time and work you need done.


By choosing a managed services provider you are able to get the work you need and nothing else. Some weeks you may need only five hours of work done and then need sixty hours of work the following week. With a managed services provider you can customize the amount of work done and not be tied down to the typical forty hour work week.

Highly Trained Technicians

By using a managed services provider you gain access to an entire team of highly trained technicians. Also, the technicians at managed services providers are consistently trained on the latest tech and trends to keep your business running at its best.

Executech: IT Services With a Personal Touch

Executech is the leading managed services provider in Utah and the intermountain west.  They have been in the outsourced IT business for 20 years, and they know what your business needs and doesn’t need.

Their team of over 100 highly skilled technicians will work on site at your business and help you with your needs. Executech’s mission is to provide the highest quality service all with a personal touch. All of Executech’s technicians are not only highly skilled in all things IT but are skilled communicators. They can work with you personally to listen an

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