4 Ways Outsourcing IT Saves Your Business Money


Any good business or organization understands the power of budgeting and spending money wisely. Sure, there are things you probably invest in for your business, like marketing or research and development, but if it’s possible to save money and get the same results, that’s the solution you’ll pick every time. 

One of the best examples of this is outsourcing. There are so many areas of your business that you can outsource, from HR to accounting, marketing to IT. And many companies choose the outsourcing route because they understand the benefits it has to offer, one of which includes cost savings.

4 Ways Outsourcing Your IT Can Save Your Business Money

In this blog, we are going to talk a little bit more about outsourcing your IT and how it can save your business money while providing the same, if not better, solutions than an in-house IT department could. So, let’s dive in.

1. More Efficient

One of the major advantages of choosing an outsourced IT provider is access to a large pool of technical knowledge. If you are hiring IT personnel in-house, you may only be able to afford a handful of employees — or even only one. Technology is such a broad and complex area that no one person can know everything. If you only have a small staff at your disposal, they will have to spend a significant portion of time researching different issues and how to fix them.

With a managed service provider (MSP), on the other hand, they often have a much larger staff of technical experts. For example, Executech has nearly 200 technicians. Each employee will have a slightly different area of expertise. And although only a few technicians will be assigned to your business, if something comes up that they don’t know, all they have to do is reach out to their fellow technicians. Most likely, someone will have an answer, and providing that knowledge will be much quicker than the original technician having to research and find the answer on their own. 

Because of this, outsourced IT technicians will be able to spend less time researching and more time providing solutions and value for your business. More efficiency means more bang for your buck. 

2. Ability to Scale Up or Down Easily

Another way that outsourcing IT saves your business money is the fact that you can change your hours from month to month. For example, say your business is seasonal, and you need more support in the summer months than the winter. This is easily adjustable with an MSP. The solution is more hours in the months when you need them. Or maybe your cash flow has gone down, and you need to reduce your hours to save money for a month or two. That’s a possibility when outsourcing, and what makes it so great: you can choose how many hours your business needs.

If you are a smaller business, you may not need 40 hours of onsite IT help each week. You can work with your provider to come up with a solution that makes sense for your business, saving you money by not wasting resources when you don’t need them. With an in-house team, usually, there is no adjusting unless you let go of one or more of your employees.

3. Possibility for Remote Support

Technology is fickle — issues arise and equipment breaks unexpectedly. We noted above that you might not need 40 hours of onsite support each week; however, it is often a good idea to have some type of IT support at all times. Of course, if you are outsourcing and your technician has already used the hours for the week, they will still act on-call and come out and fix any issues you may have. However, this overage can be more expensive. So, another solution we recommend is remote IT support.

With remote IT support, you get 24/7 support for a much more affordable price than a full-time, in-house employee. Your remote support team is always on-call for any issues that arise. 

You can combine remote IT support with onsite technicians, whether outsourced or in-house. This type of supplemental support can take care of day-to-day tasks, leaving your other teams to work on more beneficial projects or even be there when your in-house technician goes on vacation. Remote IT support is an extremely efficient and affordable option to get the technology backing your organization needs to operate seamlessly.

4. No Hiring, Onboarding, or Training Costs

Employees are expensive. From hiring to providing benefits, training and more, it costs a lot of money to bring someone in-house. By outsourcing your IT (or any other) needs, you’ll be saving on all of these costs. You don’t have to worry about HR costs, bonuses, or insurance. You also don’t have to worry about managing that employee. 

This saved time and money can add up, and you won’t have to deal with the costs of turnover either. Many of these hiring and employment costs go forgotten, but they can make a large dent in your budget. By outsourcing your IT with an MSP, they handle hiring, training, and managing. And all of the costs of employment fall on the MSP’s shoulders. 

In Conclusion

Outsourcing your IT is a great way to save your business money. And there are many other benefits as well. If you’re looking to cut back on some of your business costs, this may be the perfect solution. You’ll be paying less for the same, if not better, level of tech support. And you’ll be able to focus on your core competency, giving your business an even better leg up on the competition. 

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