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Executech’s remote support services include:

Work with a certified Microsoft direct partner with the experience and care to make your technology vision a reality. 

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Incredible Response Times

When it comes to remote IT support, one of the most critical components is response time. No one wants to be kept on hold or left hanging in a chat. 

We have some of the best response times and even better resolution times in the West. And our SLA ensures your service is consistent and meets your team’s needs.

Remote IT Support
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Top-Tier Client Satisfaction

While we believe that client satisfaction is more than just a metric, we do have some awesome stats to back it up:

We’re masters at resolving IT issues quickly and efficiently, while leaving a smile on your face. 

Evolution of IT Support

Helping businesses with their technology remotely, or offsite has been a part of IT for decades. But like other areas of technology, remote IT support tools and techniques have improved over the years.

Businesses often find that they can fulfill many of their day-to-day IT needs using remote support from an outsourced provider.

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when does it support make sense

When Does Remote IT Support Make Sense?

As many organizations move to a mobile or remote workforce, the need for IT services that can support your employees wherever they are becomes extremely important. 

Our Service Desk team can remotely help and solve problems for the majority of small IT issues that your staff will encounter working in the office, at home, or in the field.

Supplementing Existing IT Resources

If your organization already has a high-level IT expert that can manage strategy, planning, and other advanced technology tasks, using remote IT support will take a lot off their plate. 

Day-to-day IT needs can pull your IT Director and IT Team away from important but sometimes less urgent IT tasks. Using our Service Desk team and remote support offerings will help alleviate the minor IT tasks that tend to pile up when handled by just one person.

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How Do We Charge for Remote Support?

The Executech Service Desk package offers unlimited remote support help for your business. The cost of our Service Desk package is determined by the number of users at your organization and is charged monthly. 

The service fee includes:

The monthly cost can vary greatly depending on the size of your team and IT environment. Onsite support needs are charged separately and on an hourly basis. We will work directly with you to determine if an onsite visit is needed.