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Benefits of Partnering with Executech

Executech is an industry leader in managed IT services in Oregon. We have technicians throughout the state ready to come onsite to your business and help with your IT needs.

We also have a full remote support team that can help in an emergency and provides off-site work. Executech is passionate about providing a personal touch to IT. Here at Executech, it’s always about the people. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Executech has been providing executive level technical support for nearly 20 years. Executech is different from other IT providers because we recognize the important role the people behind the computers play in IT.

We break the stigma of the computer support technician that lives in their dark server room closet who only emerges to fix a problem and then slink back away. We have rigorous hiring standards and only hire techs who are great technically but equally great personally.

Our technicians are excellent communicators and understand how to hold conversations. With our team, you’ll always feel like you’re concerns and requests are understood and followed, and you’ll always be kept in the loop on what they’re working on.

Executech provides the complete array of IT services for Portland, Eugene, Salem, and West Coast, Oregon.


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The Executech Way

With Executech you will always be valued. Your needs, concerns, and budgets will always be given top priority. We recognize that IT is a supplementary service to whatever your business may do, and therefore we need to be flexible to mold to your changing needs.

Your IT needs are ever-changing and therefore your IT service provider should be able to change with you.

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Help Desk:

Our skilled technicians are available for any kind of general IT support and ready to assist with day to day issues. You never know when your computer, network, printer, or phone is going to go out and it’s invaluable to have a tech ready to get you up and running as soon as possible. This service model also allows you to customize your service to fit your needs. For example, many companies will have several months of the year that are far busier than others. With Executech you can increase your IT support during this time and then easily decrease it when it’s not as needed. With Executech, the client always comes first.

Cloud Backup:

Executech offers extensive cloud backup setup and maintenance services.  We can help find and implement cloud backup and replication services that fit your needs and budget. Backups are the holy grail of computing and the single best way to protect your data. Cloud backups and replications are essential parts of every business’ IT plan. Contact us today for a free consultation to see what cloud services will work best for you and your business!


At Executech we are proactive at helping our clients avoid cyber threats. We provide in-depth threat analysis and defense building services that will help prepare you for the unexpected. Hackers are consistently targeting your information and will try to infiltrate your network from every angle. Gone are the days where a single firewall or anti-virus software could protect you completely. Now, it’s all about layering. Executech will help you establish a deep set of protective layers to keep you and your data safe.

Office 365 and Email Hosting:

We are Microsoft Gold partners and are experts in all things Office 365. We offer quick setup, in-depth training, and complete migrations from old providers to new. We are your one-stop Microsoft shop. We can help you and your organization quickly and completely migrate your data and equipment to the most cutting-edge programs. Office 365 is much more than just word, powerpoint, and excel. Microsoft has expanded their 365 offerings to be able to include up to 28 different programs that will expand your collaboration, efficiency, and ability to work to new heights. Contact us today to receive a free assessment of how Office 365 can work for you.


Installing and maintaining the latest lines of defense are critical in keeping your data safe. All of our 100+ highly skilled technicians are industry experts in firewalls. They will be able to help you find a firewall that will keep you safe at the best possible price. Executech works with many of the leading Firewall providers around and will be able to help you get the best deal possible and can install and maintain it for you. Don’t wait until you’ve been breached to think about cybersecurity.

Anti-virus Protection:

Anti-virus protection is essential in modern business.  A current anti-virus will help to keep you safe from threats from every angle. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to try and infiltrate your systems. The only way to protect against all of these threats is to create layers of protection. Just a firewall or just anti-virus software won’t be enough. You’ll need to employ a network of protections in order to prevent data breaches.

Business Intelligence:

Executech is here to help your business make educated decisions. Modern business is all about data, and using that data to make wise decisions. Executech can help your organization track, interpret, and act upon data to make decisions. Contact us today to see how we can help you better use data.

VoIP Phone Services:

Connecting VoIP (internet hosted) phones will save you time and money while increasing your capabilities. VoIP is rapidly becoming the industry standard for business phone systems. Not only will they save you time and money but they’ll also greatly increase your capabilities and number of functions. Read this page to learn more about VoIP phone systems and how Executech can help get you started with a free assessment!

Microsoft Azure:

Cloud services and computing is one of the easiest ways to enhance your business. Microsoft Azure is your server in the cloud. This allows you to have access to processing power and services that wouldn’t be available on your budget with on-premise servers. With Azure, you can take your business to the next level, and Executech can help show you how.

File Sharing and Collaboration:

Collaboration tools are a necessity in modern business and Executech can help open your business eyes to the options available. Our technicians can help you find collaboration and file sharing tools that can help enable your workforce and increase your connections.

Programming and Web Development:

Keeping your business functions running optimally is no easy task. With Executech’s teams and resources, we can help you with some of your programming and web development needs. We can help you get and stay informed about your options and take steps to increase your web presence.

Hardware and Software:

Good equipment is the foundation of success and Executech can help you get the best equipment available. Executech works with nearly every major supplier of hardware and software and can help you get the best deals on the equipment you need. Our skilled technicians can perform a free assessment and find the best options for hardware and software that fit your needs, budgets, and preferences. Also, Executech is a reseller of most major products and can get discounts on supplies and can install and migrate you from old hardware and software seamlessly.

Network Cabling:

Network cabling is an often overlooked part of IT. Having a neatly organized server room will increase the efficiency and capabilities of your server. Getting networks running smooth and server rooms clean and efficient are foundational strengths of Executech. Contact us today to see how we can help get your server running at it’s highest capacity.

Printer Services:

Executech technicians are experts at installing, fixing, updating, and optimizing your printers.