Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

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IT Disaster Recovery Services

A disaster could be a cyber breach, ransomware attack, server malfunctions, physical disaster (fire, flood, theft etc.), employee error (accidentally deleting files), or anything else that’s no good. Upwards of 40% of businesses close after suffering a disaster they’re unprepared for.

Not all disasters can be prevented, but they can be prepared for. It’s important to consult professionals and create a detailed disaster recovery plan (DRP) so that you can make sure you’re prepared for any disaster. A disaster recovery service provider, like Executech, can help you both before and after a disaster to get you on your feet again.

Our technicians are skilled in disaster recovery services and can help you and your business be prepared for anything. 75% of businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan and left vulnerable. Contact Executech today to receive a free assessment and get your DRP started.


Here is a free in-depth course that covers how to create an effective disaster recovery plan:

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a step by step guide on how to return your business to full capacity following a disaster. A DRP is highly individualized and unique to your business. They include detailed information on how to restore your systems, functions, and data when it is lost or compromised. A DRP will prioritize what is mission critical and needs to be brought back first. They help bring order and direction to the efforts following a disaster.

A large part of having a DRP is making sure that you have safety measures and backups in place to prevent disasters. One common disaster that affects businesses are malware viruses. There are over 400,000 new malware variants detected PER DAY! You need to be proactive in your defense practices to protect yourself from the multitude of threats that are waiting for your business.

Disaster Recovery Services | Disaster Recovery Service Provider | IT Disaster Recovery Service | Computer Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Protecting your business can get complicated. Our businesses are becoming more reliant on technology, and just like all mediums, technology reliance comes with risks. A disaster can come in many shapes and sizes. Not all disasters can be prevented, but they can all be prepared for. It’s important to consult professionals when creating your disaster recovery plan so that you can make sure you’ve covered all aspects. A disaster recovery service provider can help you both before and after a disaster.

Executech technicians are experts in computer disaster recovery services and helping defend, anticipate, and plan for disasters. We can help you and your data be safe. Roughly 52% of businesses report that it would take them at least three months to recover from a disaster. Executech can help you greatly reduce that down time when a disaster isn’t preventable and can help you avoid many disasters that can be prevented.

Disaster Recovery Services | Disaster Recovery Service Provider | IT Disaster Recovery Service | Computer Disaster Recovery Services

Executech: Your Disaster Recovery Service Provider

Executech is a leading disaster recovery service provider in the western United States. The worst kind of disaster is the one that you’re not prepared for. Executech will help you prepare your business with a disaster recovery plan that will help prepare you for any kind of disaster. Also, Executech can help you create and initiate practices, software, and safeguards, that can help prevent many possible disasters before they hit.

A Good Disaster Recovery Plan

The first step in creating a good disaster recovery plan is to prioritize all of your systems and functions. You need to make a list, or depth chart, of what needs to be brought back first, second, third etc. By prioritizing these tasks you’ll be able to save precious time following a disaster and return to operating capacity as soon as possible.

Here is a list of important systems to consider in your disaster recovery plan:

  • Internet
  • Phones (most commonly overlooked in DRP’s)
  • Email
  • Customer Facing Websites
  • Data Restoration (accessing backups/replications/images)
  • Communicating with Employees (it’s a good idea to enlist an SMS service that can send mass texts to employees following a disaster)

A key component of a disaster recovery plan is a network of precautions and defenses. The following are a few key defenses or practices that need to be a part of your DRP:


Backups store copies of your data, usually on other networks. These backups can be set to automatically backup your data without any extra steps. Once set up, they are practically self-sufficient.


A replication is different from a backup because a replication is an exact copy of your working server and network. So, if your network goes down and you lose everything on site, a backup can restore your files, images, and other data only. You would then need to reset your system and network. A replication can be switched over and start working instantly with all of your passwords, preferences, security settings, etc. all ready to go.

A good DRP uses both replications and backups. Replications are often saved for mission-critical operations and functions because they take more time and are more expensive. A good mix of backups and replications will help to keep your data, servers, and networks safe after a disaster.

Prevention Software

You need good anti-virus software, firewalls, and other protective software to safeguard you. At Executech, we are software experts. Contact us today to find out what software and programs will best fit your needs.

Contact Executech today to get your disaster recovery plan created, updated, or improved. Or fill out the “Free Assessment” form at the bottom of this page to schedule your free disaster recovery assessment.

How To Create A Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Business

Free Disaster Recovery Course

Watch this free course to learn how to make a disaster recovery plan for your business. This video goes over main systems and considerations to include in the creation of your disaster recovery plan.

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