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About Us

Executech is a proven industry leader for remote and local IT service support for the Seattle area, a trusted and reliable MSP (managed service provider) guaranteeing results for its client base. Twenty years of extensive service has created a robust network of expert staff and resources, all at your disposal to solve even the most complex of IT problems.

Executech offers both local and remote support, meaning we provide both a hands-on, personable approach or can assist from any location. Our goal is always to prioritize the people and learn about your organization’s unique needs to deliver the highest quality service.

We serve companies of any size, ready to help when you need it.

Why Executech?

Executech has a range of reasons to choose us as your MSP. Here are some of our favorites:

No Contract Obligations

You heard that right: no contracts. Executech understands the need for flexible, effective support that’s also affordable and the right match for your business. A no-contract policy means you can utilize our services as needed without the worry of costly obligations. It’s just one way we work to help your enterprise.

Personalized Technicians

The nature of good IT is providing the support that’s customized to your business because every organization has its own unique needs. That’s where our technicians come in. We offer highly trained specialists in various IT backgrounds; they also learn about the unique needs of your company to provide a custom, efficient approach.

Expert Staff

IT and cybersecurity are evolving fields and quickly outpace what’s known about technology on a near-daily basis. But that’s where our staff comes in. Everyone working with Executech is highly trained and works with specialized categories of IT, giving you access to knowledgeable individuals who can assist you with any situation. 

Location Support

Though Executech is more than capable of providing remote support when needed or requested, we take pride in providing physical assistance too. If your problems need a human touch, Exetuch is happy to oblige. Our expert technicians come to your place of business to assist in resolving any IT issue, without feeling like you have to hassle with contracts for service.

How to reach our local IT Services Seattle Team

130 Nickerson St #300
Seattle, WA 98109

Our Services

Executech has a range of IT services in Seattle to offer. Here’s a few of the many we currently provide for a business:

Cybersecurity Suite

It’s one of the most fundamentally important aspects of modern business. If your company relies on technology in some way to perform job tasks, you should have a good cybersecurity plan. Therefore, Executch provides a cybersecurity suite with your needs in mind, from essential network monitoring to building a LAN. 

Office 365/Email Hosting

Microsoft provides its software suite via 365, offering a robust array of programs like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel for improved project management and half the cost. Executech offers 365 and secure email hosting to help boost your organization’s performance along with migration services offered through Outlook.

Each program also comes with apps that are compatible with mobile apps, so your performance can be handled from any location at any time.

Hardware/Software Roadmapping

Part of staying on the cutting edge of the digital age is properly utilizing technology. That is to say, picking tech that helps your business and boosts performance, instead of wasting capital on options that aren’t a great fit.

Executech can install hardware and software, and we are experts at developing technology roadmaps that keep you on the right upgrade path, saving you time, money, and performance.

Cabling and Network Installation

Executech understands the importance of efficient, well-working networks. Not just building layered ones, either. Cabling is a critical part of proper network management and makes server/work environments more ergonomic and accessible. The less time you have to spend dealing with tangled wires, the better.

Cloud Backup and Cloud Services

Virtualization with cloud servers is a compelling option for many technology-driven businesses, providing unilateral support at the touch of a button. In other words, you can access robust programs and services without having to invest massive capital for expensive hardware and servers.

You can also look forward to Executech’s cloud backup options for disaster recovery. Downtime and data loss are often the Achilles heel to successful businesses, and our cloud backup options are designed to keep you out of hot water.

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For additional information about IT services in Seattle, contact Executech today! We’re happy to provide the human, custom approach to help your organization succeed!