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About Us

Executech is a professional MSP that’s served clients for over 20 years with professionalism and a personal approach. We believe that even in a digital era, it’s the human touch that’s important, and we strive to work with your IT needs with our robust staff of expert technicians. 

Our professional staff of over 200 employees is ready to help you onsite or off, capable of providing the best IT service in the greater Las Vegas area. Find out today how Executech can help you!

Why Executech?

We maintain an average response time for help desk and IT support tickets of 15 minutes. Our team is on-call 24/7 to help you solve any of the common technical problems that come up during your business day or night.
Each of Executech’s staff are highly trained experts in various IT fields. They’re kept up to date with the latest best practices and evolving cybersecurity trends. When we assist you, it’s only with the best.
Our technicians are on standby to provide local assistance options for your IT demands. We offer a personal, human approach to IT services, allowing us to learn about your business and create the most effective solution for your current problems. Executech is always happy to send our best if you’re located within our service area. 
Executech strives to provide you the best level of support and we manage this with our personalized technicians. Our techs will learn the ins-and-outs of your business, directly serving your individual company needs. That means you can trust your technicians and rest easy knowing they’ll learn the intricacies of your company. That’s the human approach Executech strives to offer.

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Our Services

Executech covers a range of IT services options. Here are some of a few you can expect to take advantage of when working with us!

IT Managed Support

Executech is capable of providing an umbrella of necessary IT services functions, drawing from our extensive background of expert staff. Executech can provide onsite or remote support, essential for the critical, daily purposes provided by IT. Technology is a continually evolving field, and it’s easy to get left behind in the digital dust. Executech is ready to help you today by preparing you for tomorrow. 

Azure & The Cloud

Over the years, Executech has trained its technicians to become experts in the cloud. This means that your business can move confidently to a more secure, more cost-efficient solution for your technology needs. Microsoft Azure is incredibly robust and flexible and can adapt to your business’s unique server setup and network needs.

Executech technicians are Microsoft certified and have worked on  some of the largest, private cloud migration projects in the United States.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity’s role in the modern business model is one of the most important factors for future enterprise health. Cyberattacks are numerous and evolve on a daily basis, so it is, therefore, necessary to have constant protection that properly adapts to the latest attacks. Executech offers robust cybersecurity options, ranging from network monitoring, anti-virus, and data backup (to list a few). Find out how we can help you!

Office 365 and Email Hosting

Working as a Microsoft Gold Partner for a decade, Executech can offer the Office 365 suite for its clients. Email hosting helps organize your business with a single platform for improved project management.

You can also utilize the Office 365 software suite, which includes essential work programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Other management platforms like OneNote are also available, and you can make use of our expansive storage options with OneDrive.

Hardware/Software Mapping

The backbone of any modern industry is its hardware and software selections. Executech offers planning and roadmaps to help you select ideal hardware and software choices, leading to improved efficiency and comprehensive spending. We can also build technological roadmaps to future-proof your organization and keep you on the cutting edge of necessary digital trends.

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Ready to get your business back on track? Contact Executech today to learn what we can do for your organization. Executech focuses on the people first, numbers second. No matter the need, big or small, we’re here for you.