Why Salt Lake City Businesses Are Choosing to Outsource IT

Salt Lake City is full of diverse and thriving businesses. And many of these businesses are outsourcing their IT to keep their technology up and running. So, why are so many SLC companies choosing the outsourcing route? Outsourced IT offers a host of benefits for these Utah companies, keeping their costs low and their efficiency high.

How Outsourced IT Benefits Salt Lake City Businesses

Smart business owners understand the importance of technology. Nearly every business relies on technical solutions for core operations. By having strategic IT support, companies can utilize these solutions, making them even more efficient and effective. And many Salt Lake City companies have found that outsourced IT provides these strategic solutions better and cheaper than an in-house IT department might be able to. 

Key Benefit #1: Lower, Predictable Costs

Throughout every industry, business leaders are often looking to lower costs and create consistent budgeting. With outsourced IT, Salt Lake City companies get exactly that. Managed service providers will arrange IT services in exchange for a specific monthly price. Depending on the provider and how they charge, this monthly cost will cover a variety of IT services. 

And what this ultimately comes down to is, you’ll only be paying for the services you need. Every business is different and needs different levels and types of support. You can work with your IT provider to get exactly what your company needs. Being able to plan and budget for this monthly cost will definitely make your accountant happy. On top of that, you won’t be wasting money on time or resources you don’t need.

Key Benefit #2: More Control

With outsourced IT, you will likely work with your provider to determine a set amount of onsite IT support per week. Many businesses don’t need 40 hours of onsite work every week, so this model allows companies to get the exact amount of hours they need.

The concern with this arrangement is, what happens when you need more or fewer hours or even additional services? Maybe your business is seasonal, and you need to increase your IT support in the summer months. Or maybe your company is growing, and every few months, it seems you need more hours and additional security services. With outsourced IT, you have more control over the services you are receiving. If you need to increase hours or add on other services, it’s easy. You are in the driver’s seat, deciding what it is that your company needs. 

Key Benefit #3: Increased Efficiency & Access to Resources

We see new technology and solutions all the time. It’s an industry that is continuously in flux, with new products and innovations popping up nearly every day. Companies in Salt Lake City that don’t have someone focused on keeping up with the latest tools and trends will have a difficult time keeping up with the competition. They won’t know the new technology that will revolutionize the industry in the future and, therefore, won’t be unable to be an early adaptor.

For example, take the cloud. Companies that adopted the cloud early have been able to create new cloud-enabled offerings, lower their costs, and improve their security, putting them several steps ahead of their competitors that aren’t in the cloud. In the next several years, we’ll likely see all businesses utilizing the cloud in some way because of the many benefits the cloud offers. However, those early adaptors were the ones that truly seized an advantage over their competitors. 

With dedicated IT support, you don’t have to worry about taking time away from your actual business for technology. Your accountant can focus on accounting, your HR manager can focus on HR, and your IT technician can focus on technology. This way, your business and employees are efficient and productive, and you don’t have to worry about falling behind on the new revolutionary technology tool. 

In Conclusion

Technology is the support structure for your business. However, to keep it in top shape, you need someone supporting it. Many Salt Lake City businesses have recognized the advantages that outsourced IT offers over hiring in-house. These businesses and IT providers are working together to create adaptable and reliable technology environments across every industry.

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