Everything You Need to Know About Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Your Business to the Cloud


What is the cloud? Is it good? Is it bad? How much does it cost?

What are the best cloud products for my business?

All these questions are answered and more on this Executech Course. Eric Montague, CEO of Executech takes a deep dive into the cloud and what it can do to transform your business.

Say goodbye to the costly, messy server room and say hello to seamless integration for all of your business data in the cloud. Take confidence that your data is backed up and secure in the cloud. In the cloud, your information remains accessible from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Presentation Highlights and Transcript:

Moving to the Cloud

  • RIP: Your Server Room | 1999-2017 | Not Sorry to See you GO!
  • Are You Sick of Your Server Room?
  • Bandwidth Considerations
  • Financial Considerations
  • Microsoft Assistance Because of Executech
  • Azure Tool
  • Hybrid Migration
  • Cloudflare
  • Proper Backup
    • Replication vs Backup
  • Hosted VOIP
  • Cloud Services
  • Quickbooks in the Cloud
  • AD on the Cloud
  • Hardware Failures
  • Collaboration vs Cloud
  • Better Security
  • Considerations why you may not want to go to the cloud?

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