What Does a Managed IT Services Company Provide?

Running a business requires a great deal of focused attention. Unfortunately, when your technology team is spending a great deal of time dealing with login problems, software licensing, cybersecurity, and more, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for growth activities and strategic thinking. As businesses grow, many organizations find that it makes sense to work with an IT managed services company. This allows them to maintain a high level of security and staff productivity. Levels that would be nearly impossible using only internal assets. These technology partners provide best-in-class tools and support that can scale with your business as you expand. Here’s an overview of the type of services that many of these technology partners provide.

Day-to-Day Operations

Technology teams often refer to “death by a thousand cuts” — which is what happens when you have dozens of people relying on you to provide technical support for your organization. For example, everything from computers that refuse to reboot to conference rooms with broken projection falls into your helpdesk queue. This can overwhelm the individuals in IT and also cause a productivity loss for the staff members who are waiting on a response or support. IT managed services providers can step into this gap and solve a variety of simple challenges, including:

  • Retrieving lost files or folders
  • Resetting passwords
  • Issuing software licenses (based on pre-set business parameters)
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity
  • Rebooting servers

These are only a few of the “Help me now!” requests that technology professionals receive on a daily basis. All of these options can be resolved remotely by a friendly technician from your IT managed services provider.

Creating or Refining Cybersecurity

Ensuring that your business information stays safe is a primary directive for today’s organizations. With many companies storing personal financial and health information for clients or staff, cybercriminals are enjoying access to data from organizations of all sizes — especially those without a robust security posture. Staying current with the latest threats takes time and attention. And it can be challenging for technology staff members to juggle with other priorities. When you work with a managed services provider, you have easy and immediate access to cybersecurity professionals. These experts can review your current processes, make recommendations for improvement, and even help with the implementation of those suggestions.

Long-Term Technology Strategies and Budgeting

Even things that you might think of as integral to your business can be supported through a trusted IT managed services provider. For example, a good technology partner understands dozens of business models and can make recommendations for your business based on a broader scope of experience. Your external IT team can help with research on new vendor partners, negotiating better pricing on software due to shared buying power, and even creating budgets based on the unique needs of your business.

Advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery

Should the unthinkable happen, it pays to be prepared. There are many reasons you might have to restore operations after being compromised. Still, without a proactive backup and disaster recovery process in place, this can be a big challenge for businesses. Massive fires, flooding, or other natural disasters claim thousands of businesses every year. That’s because those companies are unable to restart operations after the disaster. 

Cyberthreats or data loss could also spell doom for your business, especially if it results in an extended period without access to your business data. With an IT managed services partner, you’re gaining access to advanced backup and disaster recovery software and protocols. These will help protect your business in the event of an emergency — and help you restart operations quickly. More than 96% of businesses with a disaster recovery solution in place continue operations, but the same cannot be said of those without the forethought to create a comprehensive plan.

In Conclusion

There are hundreds of scenarios where an IT managed services provider can help support your business. The bottom line is that you are gaining access to a deep bench of qualified professionals whose sole focus is helping make your business successful. Whether you need immediate assistance with helpdesk support or longer-term strategic advice, IT managed services providers serve a vital role in today’s business world.

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