The 5 Top Tech Companies in Utah to Watch Out for, and How They Use IT to Keep Their Edge

Utah is quickly becoming a hub for top tech companies. In fact, Utah ranks in the top 10 most innovative states in the U.S. And it’s no wonder why, with the amount of Utah technology companies that call this state home.

Plus, the state government offers considerable support for any tech businesses wishing to open up in the state, making it a prime location for startups.

In this blog post, we will discuss five of these top tech companies in Utah and how they use technology to their advantage. We will also explore how each company could benefit from having a managed IT service provider handling their IT needs.

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The 5 Biggest Tech Companies in Utah (and How they Use IT)

Here is our breakdown of the 5 largest tech companies in Utah and how they use IT to find new ways to succeed every day:

1. Quickbase

Quickbase is revolutionizing the way businesses and IT teams can interact, giving them the opportunity to create and manage powerful applications with a minimum of technical hassle. 

Equipped with tools for tracking application development, as well as providing real time, actionable insights into operations and ensuring total enterprise-grade security and governance, Quickbase allows organizations in supply chain, CRM, field service, project management and more to scale up their work at an enterprise level. Boasting expansive capabilities that are easy to set up and use, it’s not hard to understand why Quickbase is becoming such a popular choice amongst businesses worldwide.

For any business creating innovative applications, having the right network support in Utah would be an incredible benefit, and indeed, almost a necessity.

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2. Atomic

Atomic Financial has revolutionized the way both employers and employees manage payroll and banking.

Employees no longer need to worry about bank account changes due to location shifts, or other issues such as fraud. With Atomic’s suite of tools, employers are now able to quickly deposit payments and verify income & employment status in a secure, automated fashion. On top of that, users can easily transfer credit balances into a new account without any extra hassle.

Atomic has created a streamlined environment for all stakeholders, reducing the amount of friction in their onboarding processes in order to increase efficiency.

To ensure their customer data is protected and meet all the required data security regulations imposed by state and local governments, many businesses of Atomic’s size make use of Utah cybersecurity services to cement their information security.

3. is quickly becoming one of the most popular online retailers of the 21st century – and for good reason.

Located in southern Utah, they offer a vast selection of products including home decor, pet supplies, jewelry and clothing. Not only do they provide shoppers with top-quality items, but at prices lower than most other outlets. To make purchases even more affordable, they regularly host daily sales and discounts as opposed to seasonal sales.

Since its humble beginnings in 1999, has continued to expand by acquiring five other organizations, such as SpeedRoute and Houserie furthering its mission to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience.

For any major shopping experience provider, having third-party IT outsourcing in Utah would help greatly in mitigating sudden IT issues and ensuring all of their technology works when they need it to.


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4. is an incredible resource that has delivered truly life-changing experiences to millions of people around the world.

Located in Lehi, Utah, this powerhouse company offers a range of at-home DNA testing kits that allow people to explore their family heritage, as well as gain valuable health and wellness insights. Going beyond their Utah headquarters, now has satellite offices in Dublin, London, Sydney, Denver and San Francisco – providing more individuals with access to this powerful technology.

Truly committed to its mission of “empowering journeys of personal discovery” wherever they are located on the globe, continues to provide meaningful results one test at a time.

And for when pesky recurring issues crop up to threaten everyday people discovering their ancestry, having an IT Helpdesk Service in Utah makes resolving those issues a breeze.

5. Executech

Executech is an award-winning managed IT services provider with a goal to improve lives, organizations, and communities through technology. Our innovative vision is to become the largest and most trusted IT partner in the Western U.S. In pursuit of this goal, we have built a suite of services that set us apart from competitors.

We provide fast, informed IT support; advanced cybersecurity defense; cloud services tailored to your needs; and more. With our commitment to customer service excellence and dedication to finding creative solutions for all kinds of tech issues – large or small – Executech stands with any business looking for superior quality in managed IT services.

Top Utah Tech Companies


Using IT Like the 5 Big Tech Companies in Utah with Executech as Your MSP

In the same way that some of the large tech companies in Utah have leveraged outsourced IT services to become more successful, businesses of all sizes can do the same with Executech.

We provide a full suite of managed IT services and third-party solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. From cloud hosting, cybersecurity defense, and 24/7 helpdesk support to VoIP communication systems, digital transformation consulting, and custom software development – we offer it all.


At Executech we believe in providing cost-effective solutions that maximize user productivity while keeping information secure – no matter what size business you are or where you are located in the Western U.S.. So don’t hesitate – contact us today and put our IT experts to work for you.

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