IT Backstop: Supplemental IT Services

Hello everybody, welcome to this installment of Executech courses. My name is Eric Montague and I’m here today to help all my fellow nerds out. So, oftentimes we do these courses and it’s mainly focused on teaching people a skill or talking to somebody about a certain technology. Today we’re specifically here to talk to our fellow nerds out there and talk about how we can help you with a service called IT backstop, or supplemental IT services.


IT Backstop: Helping Your IT Team

At Executech people often ask us “Where do our clients come from? Who are our most typical clients? An area that we do a lot for, is companies that need supplemental help. So, you may be watching this, you’re an IT person, and you’re probably overwhelmed some days on what you have to do. Whether it’s too much to do, whether it’s a knowledge thing, every one of us IT people we all think we’re perfect. We all think we know everything there is to know about IT, but each one of us down deep knows that we don’t know everything. So, sometimes it’s nice to have some help.

At Executech we have a program called IT backstop, and the purpose of IT backstop is to help other IT professionals in anything that they may need help in. Some of these might be let’s say you’re a four-person IT department and you need 4.5 people. We can provide that extra half person worth of work. Let’s say you’re a one-man IT shop or a one-woman IT shop, and you haven’t had a vacation in a year. Because every time you try and go on a vacation, what happens the moment you try and walk out that door? That dang cell phone rings.

Supplemental IT Services

I’ve been there more times than once. I remember one time when Executech was just me, myself, and I, my wife literally was having our second child. And little Dakota comes out, my first son, as soon as he came out my phone rang, huge emergency. I had to kiss my wife goodbye and leave her with the baby, you know, three minutes old on her chest to go fix a problem. So, I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you can never have a vacation. You can never have medical leave. So, we help provide that.

We will provide you with a technician. That technician will cross train on your network so that when you leave, you can have the peace of mind that someone’s there to take care of your needs. We have a client that uses this service, and a couple months ago I got a text from the main network administrator there. He got back from vacation, and he said that’s the first vacation I’ve had in my life that I left my cell phone at home. So that’s the goal here is to help other IT professionals out there be more rewarded in their job.

Whether it’s you know you want to work normal hours, but you want the after-hours calls to go somewhere else. Or whether it’s just the overall stress of the job and once in a while you need a break. We’re here to help you in all of those items.

Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication

Executech: Your Friend in IT

A little bit about Executech, we are a people first company. You are going to find that you will really enjoy the technician we will assign you. They help work with you as a peer on your network. We have over a hundred experts to help you. So, if it is a knowledge thing, the great thing about IT backstop is you have a huge depth and breadth of technologists out there that can help you with what you might need. And the great thing about it is we don’t require contracts. When you need something we will be here for you and we will not make you stay here just because of a piece of paper. We will win your business every day, in every hour that we do work for you.

Big Projects

A couple of things that you might need also is big projects. Last weekend we had a client that wanted to move to office 365. They called us months ago because they literally did not have the time to do it but that dang CEO, man, he told them it had to be done by August 1st. So, we got in, helped them get it all migrated. They were so happy to have had that help and all that team to come in and get a huge organization migrated when they were only a two-person IT shop. So, it was really helpful for them.

Continued Support

We do a varying amount of support. Let’s say you’re an IT director, you’re a CTO, and you may not want to do the helpdesk. We can handle just the helpdesk. Let’s say you have helpdesk handled, you’re a business owner, but you want someone just to give you that high level IT Director or CTO direction. We can help you with that.

Every IT Need

With supplemental IT services, we can help you across the whole range of needs. We can come in and help you document your network. Also, we can help you get the things done that your IT department has been trying to get done for so long. To help have a much more stable IT team, a more stable network, and just a more stable approach altogether into your IT.

At Executech we have a plethora of knowledge in what we can do. We can help you with Azure, cloud, Office 365, antivirus, firewall, security, phone systems. If it is technology it’s likely that we do it.

Whenever you need help look to us for your supplemental help needs. We’re the coolest nerds in town. Whether you need help on a project. Whether you need ongoing help. Or whether there’s that piece of knowledge that you’re missing to try and figure something out, we’re here for you.

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