The 5 Top Seattle Industries You Should Know About

Seattle is home to many thriving industries, with each of the biggest industries in Seattle contributing their own unique flavor to the city’s economy. 

And with ample support existing for all of these major sectors , it comes as no surprise then that these Seattle top industries are enjoying consistent success.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 industries in Seattle and what makes them thrive. We’ll take a look at the various roles that IT plays in each industry and how managed IT services contribute to their success.

Discovering Seattle, Washington

Seattle is an incredible city with a fascinating culture. With a population of over 700,000 people and a seaport that borders the West Coast of the United States, Seattle has long been known for its significant musical influences since 1918 when nearly 24 jazz clubs lay on a single street alone. 

Iconic artists such as Ray Charles and Quincy Jones got their start on Jackson Street, along with many other jazz players who brought to life the sound of Seattle. In more modern times, the city has been home to rock acts such as Foo Fighters, Heart, and Jimi Hendrix as well as pioneers in grunge music like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. 

From jazz to punk and hip hop to folk-rock, Seattle embraces its intriguing musical history with open arms.

The 5 Top Industries in Seattle, WA

Each of these key industries plays a major supporting role in Seattle’s economy, so without further delay, let’s take a look at 5 biggest industries in Seattle , Washington.

1. Health Services

Seattle’s health services industry is a key element of the local economy, striving to improve the region’s well-being. 

This sector also works on research and development projects as well as education for its workers. Job opportunities are rapidly growing in this area: According to US Bureau of Labor 

Statistics projections, healthcare jobs will grow by 13 percent between 2020-2030. 

And today one out of five positions offered around town stems from medical ventures – employing 90k people who generate an impressive $4.2 billion in wages every year! 

The Office Of Economic Development provides financial resources and builds capacity across the entire ecosystem with partnerships that have already allocated over $2 million dollars worth of investments through initiatives such Key Industries Workforce Development or Equitable Communities Initiative programs.

Relying on the digital storage of patient health records, as well as the secure transfer of said records, many health service facilities make use of managed IT services in Seattle to ensure their data is protected, and they’re always in compliance with local and state regulations.

Ever Wonder How Medical Facilities Always Seem to Have Tech That Works?

It’s because they probably have an expert IT help desk watching their back!

2. Construction

The construction sector is a major contributor to the economic stability of King County, but has been predominantly dominated by white men. 

To address this disparity and create living-wage jobs for all individuals regardless of race or gender, OED’s Key Industries and Workforce Development team are creating opportunities in education and training with organizations who provide resources to promote diversity within the industry. 

Through these initiatives they strive towards an improved culture where everyone can earn fair wages from their work in commercial/residential constructions trades as well as infrastructure building projects!

To help keep track of client records, safety information and keep their workers connected out in the field, many contractors and major construction companies rely on the use of IT and tech support in Seattle to fix issues fast when they arise.

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3. Maritime, Manufacturing & Logistics

With a strong commitment to its maritime industrial economy, Seattle is positioned as one of the key gateways for global trade on the U.S.’s West Coast and continues to lead in total exports after Los Angeles/Long Beach. 

Supporting this success are powerful pieces of infrastructure like cranes and marine terminals at the Port of Seattle that catalyze job growth from fishing industries, manufacturing facilities, warehouses within our industrial lands – plus all means necessary to transport goods outwardly across Washington State’s exporters!


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4. Professional Services & Life Sciences

King County is home to a thriving professional services and life sciences industry, with over 27,000 jobs in the former bringing in an impressive average of $133K per year. 

This dynamic sector contributed over $10 billion dollars to the region’s gross regional product last year alone! 

Furthermore, Seattle has established itself as one of America’s leading centers for cutting-edge medicine; its 25k+ strong life sciences workforce continues making critical strides toward improving healthcare worldwide through biotechnology research and development.

To help these titans of innovation plan their next moves, many of them make unabashed use of IT consulting firms in Seattle to ensure they’re making smart and informed decisions when it comes to their technology.

5. Technology

Seattle is a city at the forefront of technology and innovation; its legacy rooted in software, retail/ecommerce, gaming, and more recently AI, machine learning, and AR/VR. 

According to CompTIA’s State of Tech Workforce for 2021 report, there were an estimated 94k job postings across IT-related fields (including web development & UX/UI) with 13% employed within tech – not bad considering it was also ranked as one of only 4 Tier 1 cities alongside San Francisco Bay Area rivals such San Jose & New York City! 

The figurehead that these figures suggest? An impressive economic impact value over $130B due to investment into this sector alone.

And did you know that even major tech companies rely on third-party network support in Seattle to help keep their connectivity at optimal levels? That’s because they’re too busy focusing on business-first initiatives and leave the hum-drum tasks to MSPs.

Seattle Industries

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