The 5 Biggest Industries in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is a thriving city with a vibrant economy, and the largest industries in the area are proof of that. From technology to healthcare, Salt Lake City has become a prime location for various industries.

Data from the local Department of Economic Development shows that there are several major industries in Salt Lake City . Among the biggest players in terms of employment are:

  • Health care and social assistance (12%)
  • Manufacturing (8.8%)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services (8.3%)
  • Educational services (7.6%)
  • Transportation and warehousing (7.2%)

Although these top industries in Salt Lake City certainly have their differences, they share one common bond: information technology has enabled them to not only survive, but also thrive in Salt Lake City’s highly competitive environment. 

In this article, we will examine some of Salt Lake City’s top industries and explore how IT has enabled them to stay ahead of the curve.

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The Top 5 Industries in Salt Lake City, UT

1. Health Care and Social Assistance

Leading the way among Salt Lake City’s top industries is healthcare and social assistance, which accounts for 12% of all local employment. 

This includes a variety of healthcare providers and facilities such as hospitals, dental offices, physical therapy clinics and home health care agencies. 

The role of IT in the healthcare industry is significant. It has helped facilitate access to up-to-date medical records and patient information for these providers so that they can deliver the best care possible. 

IT also ensures patient records and data are securely stored and managed in accordance with HIPAA regulations. With the help of trusted IT consultants , healthcare providers can also upgrade their systems and hardware to add an extra layer of security to sensitive information.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing comprises 8.8% of employment within Salt Lake City’s metropolitan area . Some of the top local manufacturing companies include L3Harris Technologies, home to 3,500 employees as of 2022, and BioFire Diagnostics, which employs 1,900 workers.

IT has allowed manufacturers to manage their production processes more efficiently and reduce costs while still maintaining quality control. 

This is achieved through software and hardware upgrades and IT services that proactively prevent system and network outages and downtime within factories and warehouses.

With the assistance of IT services tailored to the needs of this high-tech industry, manufacturers are able to avoid productivity shortfalls, leading to an increase in production output and improved customer satisfaction.

Biggest Industries in Salt Lake City
Source: Salt Lake City Department of Economic Development


3. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Third among Salt Lake City industries are professional, scientific, and technical services, which comprise 8.3% of the city’s total employment. 

Likely the most wide-ranging Salt Lake City industry , it consists of companies that provide professional business services , such as consulting, legal services, and accounting, just to name a few. 

IT has been key to the success of firms providing professional services such as legal advice, consulting and accounting. This has enabled these businesses to remain competitive and provide their clients with the best possible service.

4. Educational Services

Educational services rank fourth among the top industries in Salt Lake City , accounting for 7.6% of the city’s employment. Various types of educational institutions are included in this sector, including elementary and secondary schools, and larger universities.

Various technology advancements have empowered educators to utilize online learning platforms and provide students with more access to educational resources. 

Relying on the power of IT has brought schools and universities into the future, enabling them to remain competitive and prepare their graduates for success after graduation.

5. Transportation and Warehousing

Transportation and warehousing is fifth among the top Salt Lake City industries , making up 7.2% of the local employment market. 

With its close proximity to the mountains and metropolitan hub, Salt Lake City is an ideal location for distribution centers and logistics companies. For example, the city is home to one of Amazon’s many distribution centers.

IT helps these businesses stay competitive by providing them with advanced technologies that allow them to manage their supply chains more efficiently. 

Additionally, IT helps these companies stay up-to-date on the latest transportation trends, allowing them to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. 

How IT Helps Salt Lake City’s Top Industries Thrive

To say that IT has been the driving force behind the largest industries in Salt Lake City would be no understatement. New and emerging technologies are helping businesses streamline various critical tasks, such as secure data storage, fleet management, and shipment tracking.

From health care to manufacturing and beyond, IT has enabled these and other industries to stay competitive and seize new opportunities that would have otherwise been extremely difficult or impossible. 

Seasoned IT professionals have helped these businesses stay ahead of the curve and ensure that their operations run smoothly. As a result, Salt Lake City remains an important hub for various industries and entrepreneurs, while also providing employment opportunities for locals.


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