Executech’s Continued Emphasis on Conversations Over Confrontations

When working with your IT services provider, do they talk at you? Or do they talk with you?

It is hard to understate the challenges that 2020 has posed for businesses and governments. The unprecedented mobilization of the workforce has required a rethinking of how organizations utilize many technologies. In addition, the overall atmosphere today is highly charged and many people are on edge for a variety of reasons. Confrontations seem to be all too common.

All this combined with the regular challenges of how to adopt new technology, it is more critical than ever to have an IT partner that focuses on conversations, not confrontations. To solve the multiple technical issues your organization faces today. Executech has focused exclusively on conversations with our clients and partners for decades. With our people-first methodology, we focus on solving your current technical challenges, but we also apply a growth mindset. This changes how IT is perceived by the entire organization. It’s no longer the glue and duct tape for your technology, but a strategic resolution.

Understanding Conversations vs. Confrontations

The flow of communication is critical in any business. With an increasingly complex technical environment, people often slip into a reactionary, defensive mindset that impacts how information is conveyed to the organization. It can happen so subtly that it can easily be missed. Especially when so many new things are happening all at once. What was once a conversation about how to solve a technical issue can become a confrontation that only partially addresses what the organization requires.

At Executech, we draw on our decades of experience to manage how we work with our clients to keep things a cooperative partnership. We know at the heart of every organization is people. And we work to help people by improving how they select, utilize, and manage technologies from security to cloud to audit compliance and everything in between. With this approach, your business isn’t just a project, but it’s a partner to grow and succeed with over time.

We’re Committed to Understanding Your Needs in a Proactive Way

When was the last time your organization made sure IT was part of the planning for a new project because of the value they bring to the discussion? When was the last time additional metrics were proactively sent by IT that helped lend insight or provided guidance that led to new opportunities?

Executech is committed to understanding your organization’s distinctive needs. When working with Executech a small, fixed group of technicians and consultants is specifically assigned to your organization. As such, these experts get to know and understand the unique requirements of your business. This allows us to recognize and track seemingly invisible trends that would otherwise be missed, which we then share with you on a proactive basis. When it comes down to it, conversations are proactive; confrontations are reactive.

We Build Trusting Partnerships

For everything we do, none of it would matter without trust. Without that confidence in a relationship, it is much more likely to feel confrontational when new challenges are identified, or complex issues take time to overcome.

A big part of building trust is open and honest communication. At Executech, our focus is on helping our partners succeed. Your goal is our goal. Instead of approaching things from the singular angle of IT, we look at the whole picture and find what is best for you. By taking this route, we can work through tough decisions and issues together.

This is how we create genuine connections and expectations. We want you to feel completely assured that you can count on us even through difficult situations. Because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that what might seem “business as usual” today may suddenly be swept away tomorrow. You should be able to have confidence in your IT partner through these times. Then you have the time to address any other issues that need to be resolved the next time everything suddenly changes.

In Conclusion

Confrontations or conversations. How you view IT will make all the difference in what method your organization chooses when addressing technical challenges. As a people-first technology company, it is our mission to confront the technical challenges your organization faces on a daily basis. Once we have identified and researched these issues, we will have a conversation with you on what options are available to solve them in the best way possible for your unique situation.

There will always be confrontations out there. At Executech, it is our vision to bring about a better world by turning these into opportunities for conversations and solutions. That is what our people-first, growth-mindset is all about. Hearing about that from an IT provider shouldn’t be so strange, should it? After all, as technology becomes more integrated into our businesses, your technology partner should be working with you to help overcome challenges and find new solutions.

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