Beware of This New Digital Security Threat Against Your Smartphone

Taking your digital security seriously has never been more important, but did you know that even your smartphone is a digital security risk?

That’s right, your iPhone or Android can be a valuable target for hackers and criminals.

There’s a new trend that is causing some people to lose their digital identities right from their smartphone. This new trend is called “smishing” or smart phone phishing.

To attack your phone, criminals will send texts that trick you into doing something against your best interests. We’ve recently heard about a mystery shopping scam that is getting passed around. It starts as an innocent looking text message, asking you to enter your email for more information. From there, they reel you into a full phishing scam to get access to your private data.

It’s important to remember to “Think Before You Tap”. If you don’t recognize the sender or it seems somewhat fishy, play it safe and don’t click or respond. More and more, texts are being used for identity theft, bank account take-overs, and to pressure you into giving out personal or company confidential information. Here is a short video made by USA Today that shows how this works:

Another thing to keep in mind is general email safety. It’s important to learn how to spot fake emails or scams. Click the link below to download a free guide from KnowBe4 about how to spot the red flags in an email.

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