Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business


For many, the benefits of cloud computing for their business are obvious. This is especially true for independent software vendors (ISVs). From saving on costs to improving productivity to adding functions to existing applications, there’s a wealth of opportunity awaiting in the cloud.

But change is difficult and requires an investment of time and resources. This can be daunting to business owners. The alternative, however, is falling behind your competition, while also missing out on significant cost savings and workflow improvements.

To that end, let’s highlight some of the cloud benefits for your business.

We’ll cover how cloud impacts:

  • Costs
  • Infrastructure performance
  • Security
  • Scalability and hardware roadblocks


Sure, there may be cloud computing benefits for your business, but what’s the overall cost?

Your business will typically be able to take advantage of the cloud at a far more cost-effective price point than you may believe.

A thorough cloud readiness assessment done by proven experts is the best way to determine just how much the initial investment will be – and how much your business stands to gain from a cloud move.

But one of the major cloud benefits for your business comes by way of new pricing models your ISV has access to with Azure.

For instance, if you’re in an industry that has largely shifted to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, then this may become the default expected from customers. In other words, you may lose out on potential deals without this pricing framework.


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How do you know if your industry is moving in the SaaS direction? And if it hasn’t already, is there room for you to be an innovator?

An expert managed service provider (MSP) can help you make those determinations during that initial cloud readiness assessment.

Another huge benefit of the SaaS model made available by Azure is that this pricing structure also helps boost monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

If your ISV were, say, looking to be acquired or potentially make an initial public offering (IPO) moving forward, a healthy and growing MRR is key to netting max value on a deal or during a public offering.

There are some key questions that you’ll need to ask yourself in order to get a complete picture of the all the benefits that await in the cloud, like:

  • Can I determine how fast I’ll build MMR with this new model?
  • Where’s my breakeven?
  • How do I phase out on-prem hardware or do I want a hybrid solution?
  • Do I have lucrative maintenance contracts for hardware that I’d like to keep while also taking advantage of the cloud?

Those are just a few of the important questions that you’ll need to consider. Again, an elite MSP will ensure that all this is clearly laid out before beginning a digital transformation, so you’ll be secure in knowing what your business can expect from your move at every step of the way.



Infrastructure Performance

As your application grows and gains features, the infrastructure upon which that application is built can begin to be worn down.

You’ll have to then consider if you want to buy new hardware for hosting (an expensive investment), or would it be best to turn to a scalable cloud platform, freeing your ISV forever from this problem with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Without IaaS, you may see pretty substantial slowdowns which in turn puts your install base at risk, and otherwise will be slow and sluggish during demonstrations.


One business had data stored in a co-location facility when it was breached. While the breach was remediated without impacting customer data, it did cause downtime. Downtime, of course, can be extremely punishing.

What’s more, the company also suffered reputational damage as prospective customers learned there had been a breach, lowering confidence.

The business partnered with Executech, however, and was able to migrate to the cloud within five days, where security is much more stringent.

Not only has this prevented further breaches, but it also helped renew confidence in the customer base as the business was able to identify an active fix to its previous security vulnerabilities.

Scalability and Hardware Roadblocks

When it comes to scalability, there’s no rival to the cloud.

Through IaaS and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, your ISV will be able to readily adjust almost instantly to market demands, both up and down.

COVID-19 only reinforced your business’s need for businesses to be adaptable and flexible.

We all had to respond to changing market conditions with some industries seeing massive losses of customers and needing to decrease services/overhead as a result, while other industries experienced an explosion in demand and needed to rapidly grow their business IT infrastructure to meet this demand.

The cloud was made for this type of scenario.

And this also applies to more predictable market patterns. For instance, if your business is seasonal, you can scale your cloud services up or down as needed to synchronize with the cyclical nature of your industry, saving on costs.

What’s more, with the cloud, you’ll never again have to worry about supply chain disruptions (like the one caused by the pandemic) slowing your business’s ability to grow while you wait on the requisite hardware. Instead, everything you need will always be a few clicks away.

Get the Full Benefits
of Cloud Computing
for Business With Executech

Get the Full Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business With Executech

Executech has both expert ISV engineers as well as expert Azure engineers so they can craft the perfect cloud migration plan for your business with nothing overlooked.

Executech will fully lay out all the cloud computing business benefits and issues during our cloud readiness assessment, so you’ll have all the relevant information at hand before making any major decisions.

This detailed roadmap ensures that you’re acutely aware of each step of the process and have total visibility regarding costs. What’s more, we’ll detail and identify cost savings you’ll benefit from during your cloud move, as well as workflow improvements you can expect.

Optimize your cloud environment with cloud computing services and other cloud-based services, including cloud-hosted servers, IaaS, PaaS, and more.

Take full advantage of Azure with our elite Azure engineers who can fully optimize your business for the cloud. We’ll make the modifications and tweaks necessary to maximize your cloud returns and continue to iterate so you’re always improving your cloud ROI.

Get in touch and begin your digital transformation.




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