How We Maintain Our Personal Touch While Providing Enterprise Resources


Executech was founded over twenty years ago, by Eric Montague. Since then, Executech and our team have grown remarkably. We’ve added talented team members that have expanded our abilities and resources. But as we continue to grow in numbers, we are committed to retaining our initial small business feel. By operating with a small business mindset, we create personal relationships with each client, looking for their best interests. No company— no matter how big or small— gets overlooked at Executech. And the best part is that our clients receive the resources of a larger, advanced IT provider without feeling forgotten or like a small fish in a big pond. 

How Have We Kept Our Small Business Approach?

At Executech, we pride ourselves on offering IT with a personal touch. We work to create genuine relationships with our clients, establishing strategic partnerships to help build and grow their businesses. It’s what sets us apart from other providers. As we’ve substantially grown over the years, some of our clients were worried we would lose that relationship-based approach. However, we’ve ensured that the way we operate and the structure of our company maintain the way we build relationships and partner with our clients. 

Team Structure

One of the main ways we are able to keep a small business feel is the way we structure our departments. We intentionally create small location-targeted teams for each area in which we operate. So, whatever region our clients are in, they have a dedicated team of technicians within a quick drive.

Each of these offices, whether our Seattle team or our North Salt Lake team, works together as if they are a tight-knit company. But, they still have the large backbone of support Executech offers. It’s as if we are many small companies within one large one. 

Strategic Partner

Part of our commitment to our clients is understanding their needs and goals. We want to work as a strategic partner, coming up with long-term solutions that will help improve a business’s efficiency and operations through technology. We’re not just here to complete the tasks our clients ask of us. We care about our clients’ businesses and work proactively, not reactively. 


As we’ve noted, part of our mission is to create genuine-lasting relationships with our clients. We work in an area that can seem very impersonal: technology. Instead of leaning into this standard, we take the opposite approach. We don’t want to be the technician that no one really knows their name, who comes into your office to fix something. 

We establish a partnership based on communication, adding a layer of depth other IT providers don’t offer. Our technicians work so closely with our clients that they become part of the company and culture. We have had many technicians invited to company-wide parties. We’ve also had technicians win awards or receive recognition from our clients. We don’t want to be the outsider solely there to manage your technology. We want to be a true partner for your business. 

Additional Layers of Depth

You can see how we maintain our small-business approach. However, we can offer our clients a much deeper pool of resources than a small IT provider could. From our established vendor relationships to the number of technicians we employ, we work effectively and efficiently. 

It’s impossible for one or two technicians to have the knowledge and skills to handle every area of technology. At Executech, we have over 100 technicians backing us up and expanding our pool of knowledge. Any time one of our technicians has a question, they can turn to anyone at our company. You don’t get this with a small IT department. 

In Conclusion

At Executech, we have a small-business mindset with enterprise resources. Wherever you are, you will have a small, dedicated team of technicians that you can turn to at any time. You’ll build relationships with your technicians and work together to create strategic, agile IT environments. But, you’ll also have access to the depth of resources Executech has to offer. It’s the best of both worlds. 

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