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A firewall is not only essential for the security of your network but it also provides many other benefits. With firewall software from Executech, you can block security incursions and protect against viruses or spam. At Executech, we use enterprise-level firewalls that ensure complete protection, security and control. Rest easy knowing that you have direct access to data feeds and what is coming in and out of your network. Every Executech firewall comes with the following features:

  • Meets HIPAA, Red Flags, SOC, PCI, etc, compliance
  • Block security incursions
  • Protects against viruses, spam, etc.
  • Prioritize bandwidth for VoIP traffic
  • Limit bandwidth use for individual users
  • Establish rules for accessing the network
  • Blacklist or whitelist individual websites or categories of websites
  • Monitor users’ web activity

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