Below is a list of items needed to transition your IT service

  1. Most recent domain registrar login Info
  2. DNS server account information (for public domains) if not part of the registrar account above
  3. Inventory of all servers (physical and virtual), computers, devices, etc.
    • Which server is the Operations Master DC?
    • Specific role of each server
      • Backup method(s) of each
    • All Computers
    • Make and model of all firewalls
      • Any service contracts on the firewalls and their expirations
    • Any VPN’s in place and their details
    • Make and model of all printers
    • Make and model of all wireless access points
  4. Incumbent E-Mail Provider (Office 365 Access)
    • Administrative Account Access
    • Is there a SPAM/Archive filter
  5. Active Directory Administrator access and login information
  6. Any other applicable, comprehensive network/computer documentation
  7. Password list (wifi, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, any other ELA specific passwords)