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About Our IT Services

A proven MSP throughout the United States, Executech has been serving clients for over 20 years with an established record of incredible service. For Utah disaster recovery, there is no better option than Executech. We pride ourselves on a human, personalized approach to IT care and maintenance, working with your business to reach practical, efficient solutions.

Executech is staffed with over 400 professional technicians, ready to support you either remotely or by coming to your place of business. We work with businesses of any size for any need.

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Why Choose Executech?

Executech has a variety of benefits we offer for our clients.
We believe in providing support through personalized technicians who take time to learn the ins and outs of your company. No organization is the same, so your IT needs will differ from others, meaning you need a customized approach to IT support. Our staff is ready to figure out the ideal method to servicing your IT requirements, whether that’s related to cybersecurity, infrastructure, or troubleshooting.
Our technicians and staff are up to date on all necessary training and certificates. They also understand best practices and are experienced with various tech issues, meaning they can apply unique solutions to challenging IT problems. No matter what, we’re ready to help.
Our average client satisfaction score is over 96% for a reason. We are fast, reliable, and proactive in ensuring your business keeps running. At Executech, we believe that the operations and success of your business should be our number one priority. Ensuring that your business technology functions 24/7/365 means we bring top-notch IT support processes as well as robust cybersecurity practices and technology.
While Executech is more than capable of providing remote support options for businesses that need it, our goal is to assist you with technicians on location. We understand a human approach is preferred (and often necessary) to provide the best level of service. Therefore, with our expert staff, you can request location support whenever it’s needed.

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Our Related Services

Cybersecurity Suite

One of the most crucial parts of modern, successful business is a good cybersecurity infrastructure. That’s because malicious third parties are constantly designing new ways to steal data. Therefore, Executech offers a robust cybersecurity platform that protects your enterprise from the most dangerous methods, whether that’s through monitoring, antivirus, or firewall options. 

Cloud Backup Options

Disaster recovery is another critical aspect of a successful business, and Executech offers backup options with cloud servers. Cloud servers are versatile, flexible, and have a variety of benefits, including scalable space with services typically impossible with traditional servers. Cloud backup lets you replicate servers as well, fully shielding information from various disaster scenarios.

365/Email Hosting Options

Executech is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and that’s from years of trusted service and an established relationship all to benefit you and your organization. That means you can utilize the Office 365 suite and email/hosting benefits with our business at the push of a button, accelerating enterprise performance. 

It includes platforms like Outlook, which not only operates as an all-in-one for communications but integrates with the various software Microsoft offers like Word and Excel. You also get access to numerous collaboration tools like OneNote and OneDrive (for storage).

VoIP Phone Services

Voice over internet protocol is another way to accelerate business performance. Executech offers VoIP services that come with a variety of communication features not possible with traditional telecom solutions, like voice and chat integration. Additionally, adding VoIP phones is easy for scaling. Also, expect your costs to go down since VoIP is a cheaper option versus traditional telephone options.

Network and Cabling

Executech is happy to help build your network and install cabling for server environments. Good cabling is often overlooked when it comes to IT but is another essential part of efficient maintenance. Our technicians can assist in building server environments that are wired in an organized fashion, making future adjustments easy and ergonomic. Additionally, we can help build your network for the best possible speeds (with wifi) and understandable layout.

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Executech is ready to help you with Utah disaster recovery. If you need an IT solution suite for your enterprise, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Learn more about what we can do for you.