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What are Managed Security Services?

As a business leader, you know how important it is to keep your data secure. But there are a lot of pieces when it comes to building a puzzle of digital security for your organization. There are firewalls, anti-virus programs, policies, SOPs, email security, data backup and more. Are these pieces up to date? Are they being used to their fullest? 

What if all aspects of your cybersecurity needs could be consolidated into one, simple service?  

Executech Managed Security Services is just that. We are bringing together the most important aspects of keeping your business secure into one simple service plan. 

We have managed over 2,000 different networks in our 20 years of IT consulting. We’ve worked in dozens of industries, with companies of all shapes and sizes. In short, we’ve been around the block.

What does that mean for you? It means you’re getting help not only from cybersecurity experts but from true technology experts. We’ve seen what happens when an organization takes cybersecurity seriously – and when they don’t. We know what security settings, procedures, and technologies will work best for your unique organization. 

Managed Security Services include many products and services you’re familiar with as well as some added layers of security to ensure your business will stay safe and keep running. Our Managed Security Services includes all of the following into one low monthly cost.

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What’s Included With Managed Security From Executech:

Network Protection

One of the foundational principles of good cybersecurity is building security in layers. This means having multiple types of protection for your business to safegaurd against a variety of threats. We have partnered with the leaders in IT security to provide you with a variety of the best network security technologies available. We safeguard your organization with products such as; firewalls, ransomware protection, anti-virus software and more.

Threat Monitoring

Using a suite of cyber products, we keep a constant eye on all aspects of your network. We monitor everything from servers to end-user devices. This monitoring is unobtrusive and constantly working behind the scenes. Through constant monitoring, we can see potential threats coming before they cause damage. We can also keep an eye on the overall status of your network and perform preventative maintenance any time it’s needed.

Risk Identification

Threat monitoring coupled with our protection technologies allows us to identify the crucial weaknesses and risks within your network. Our trained cyber consultants will work with you to create custom filters and barriers to protect your network where it’s needed most. We know how important it is to keep your business running, so when we identify a threat, it’s taken care of. No worry, no mess.

Action Plans & Training

We recognize that human error is the leading contributor to cyber breaches. Our team of cyber experts will work together with you to establish policies that reduce human error within your organization as much as possible. We will schedule an annual staff training that, coupled together with social engineering tests, will help educate your staff on common scams and how to appropriately react. Our goal is to arm your workforce with the knowledge and skills to become an additional layer of protection against cyber threats.