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Utah Headquarters
10876 S River Front Pkwy Ste 100
South Jordan, UT 84095


From the beginning, Executech’s services have brought a human touch to IT for many clients across Utah and the Intermountain West. The personalized approach to solving IT problems has proven to be extremely successful, allowing Executech to expand and grow each year since its inception.

Executech was founded by Eric Montague in Smithfield, Utah. He saw the frustration in multi-layer IT support companies where customers had to go through several people to solve even one problem, let alone several. Eric created Executech with the goal that IT support could happen with one friendly person whom the customer knows. The road wasn’t easy, as the beginnings of his business required him to commute to his clients’ offices in his heatless truck during the cold, Cache Valley Winters. However, Eric was dedicated to personalizing each IT service, regardless the circumstances, and establishing the strong, personal culture of the company from the very beginning.

Executech has since become the largest and most-awarded IT outsourcing company in the state, servicing over 2,000 company networks in Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, California, Idaho and Washington. MountainWest Capital Network has also recognized Executech five times as part of the “Utah 100: Fastest Growing Companies” awards, which is no surprise looking at the company’s growth throughout the years. In 2017, Executech had 42% growth and is now home to 112 employees.


Our History of IT Support in Utah

Utah-Born, Built to Serve the Community

We’ve been around for nearly 20 years servicing the local businesses and neighbors you’ve known for years. People first is our motto for our employees, clients and community.



Our Utah Footprint