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Why Executech As Your Consultants

Executech is a proud managed service provider, having helped hundreds of clients for over 20 years. Our clients bring us in as technology partners with their business interests at heart.  

As an MSP, we understand the importance of IT knowledge in the modern era and strive to keep you safe and competitive as technology changes the way we handle business.

We believe in a “human-first” approach, meaning we treat your business uniquely, understanding the different needs specific to your organization. We provide both on-site and remote support, drawing from an extensive background of over 200 trained, specialized staff.

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Why Executech?

We believe that IT support isn’t just the solving IT issues as they come up, it’s about adapting as your business changes, planning for the future, and creating a more secure and efficient environment for all of your employees.  

Executech offers first-rate support because we have a robust staff of over 400 trained technician experts. Each of our experts draws from an extensive IT background and stays updated on the most current IT policies while keeping an eye on growing trends (such as with cybersecurity). When working with Executech, you’re always in good hands. 
Each of our clients has its own dedicated team of technicians committed to resolving all IT issues. We believe in a person-first approach and understand that not every business is the same, requiring different solutions to complex, unique problems. We also believe the human touch is what makes us different, and we’ll never rotate staff during your service period.

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Our Services

Executech has a full range of managed IT services we proudly offer. Here is just a handful of examples that our clients can take advantage of:

IT Management and Support

Executech is prepared to offer an umbrella of IT support for your enterprise’s needs. Whether you need basic troubleshooting, backup options, software repair, or even cybersecurity solutions, we’re proud to provide solutions backed by our expert staff. We can service your company on-site or even remotely if desired.

Office 365 and Email Management

Email solutions are a great way to increase productivity. Executech offers email hosting services to enhance your project management toolsets better while also creating a platform for the safe exchange of messages.

Does it get better? Of course! Executech is also a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we offer the Office suite and have done so for over ten years. By working with us, you can take advantage of the robust software options available, like Word and Excel. You can also utilize backup options like OneDrive. These programs, of course, are all available and accessible from any compatible mobile device. 

Cybersecurity Suite

It’s no secret that cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects of modern business. Today, cyber threats evolve daily and affect all organizations, regardless of size. However, Executech understands that local expertise is not always available, and it’s why we’re thrilled to offer a robust cybersecurity suite to keep your business safe.

Executech can protect your organization from various malicious threats through different services ranging from hybrid firewalls, anti-virus, and network monitoring.

Hardware/Software Infrastructure

Picking the right applications and hardware for your business is easier said than done. It’s common for organizations to invest in infrastructure that they can’t use, don’t need, or outgrow — or sometimes all three. The same goes for software, and when the wrong picks are made, this only increases cost.

Executech remedies this by providing roadmaps for the right tech investments and helping you select the absolute best hardware/software options for your business. This not only assures maximized performance but keeps you on the cutting edge of evolving digital trends. As a bonus, Executech is happy to assist with the installation of both software and hardware infrastructure. 

Network Cabling

An easily overlooked component of your business, having ergonomic and accessible cabling is essential for company efficiency. Executech will assist with this by handling the layout of your network wires, whether throughout a building interior or within a server environment. That means maintenance is easier to conduct since you won’t have to fight a forest of cables to make adjustments to your server racks.

VoIP Services

Voice over internet protocol is one of the best ways to renovate your communication infrastructure and a great alternative to traditional telephone solutions. VoIP gives you additional functions and runs from broadband internet, which means call quality is improved with greater stability. There are also various organizational options available with VoIP solutions, offered with Executech’s service package. 

Remote Support

Limited by location? No problem. Though Executech serves across the West, we’re more than capable of providing remote assistance. We can help resolve various IT issues — big or small — from any location. We understand that a major hindrance to good IT is lack of expertise, so we’re ready to extend our vast family of expert staff to you, anywhere!

App and Software Development

Need assistance with software building? Want to build a custom app? Executech not only has IT experts, but trained professionals, who can construct your desired program. 

We cover various software development needs, such as AWS Management, mobile app development, and cloud implementation.

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Executech is ready to help today. We prioritize your unique business needs and treat you with our fundamental human approach for a professional, friendly experience. With Executech, you’ll never feel left in the dark and can rely on us for any IT need.

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About Us

Executech remains the industry leader for IT consulting Utah services. We’ve stood resolute as one of the premier, reliable managed service providers for any and all business IT needs. 

We cover a wide service area and even offer remote services for emergency IT scenarios. Our services are extensive, and we work with every client on an individual, personalized basis. Executech has over 400 expert staff ready to serve your IT needs.