Webinar: How to Use Technology to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency in Your Business


In this one-hour webinar, the senior leadership at Executech will discuss how businesses can start reducing spend and improving productivity through technology.

The panel will discuss topics like; how to use the cloud to reduce hardware costs, how to improve business processes for greater efficiency, and the importance of maintaining good security measures during this time.


DJ Dorff
CEO, Executech
DJ’s passion exists at the intersection of people and technology. With experience spanning Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups, DJ leads Executech today as its CEO. During his tenure, he has focused on helping organizations access technology in meaningful ways while also providing fulfilling careers for individuals at Executech.

Chris Nokes
CTO, Executech
Chris started in technology at a young age by getting a computer as a Christmas gift and going on to learn how to program his own computer game. Chris now works as the Chief Technology Officer for Executech. Chris is admired for his great depth of understanding in IT and his problem-solving abilities. He is an essential part of the team and is the go-to technology man for every technical need at Executech.

Michael Pearson
SVP, Executech
Michael is the founder of DSA technologies and now the Senior Vice President at Executech. Michael has a wide range of experience in IT management, cloud consulting, and customer service. Michael’s goals have always been to improve the IT experience for businesses and end-users.

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