How Utah Companies Benefit From a Hybrid Onsite & Remote IT Support Model

Many Utah companies are choosing to outsource their IT needs instead of hiring in house. Not too surprising because by outsourcing companies can save money and improve efficiency. But the question comes down to whether organizations are moving more towards onsite support or remote support. Here at Executech, we don’t believe the two have to be mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite, we find that companies can get the best of both worlds by combining both onsite and remote support when it comes to IT services. Let’s discuss what each model has to offer and why they work so well together. 

Benefits of Onsite Support

1. Familiarity Leads to Proactive Solutions

When IT technicians are at your office, working with your staff and equipment, they gain more familiarity with your systems than a remote technician might be able to. They can get their hands on your hardware and physically witness how your technology, employees, and business interact. 

With this knowledge, your technician has more insight into potential solutions for your company. They can be more strategic and proactive because they know and have worked with the entirety of your business. 

2. Create Relationships

Technology can sometimes seem cold and impersonal, so we make it our mission at Executech to bring a people-first approach to IT. After all, it’s the people who make your organization what it is and are going to be working within your systems. We want to make technology the backbone that supports your employees. 

In order to do this, technicians have to first know and understand your people. They need to evaluate the employees’ needs and goals to create a solution that truly works for them. When a technician is onsite, they get to do exactly this. They can become a member of the team, creating personal relationships with each teammate and giving a face and name to IT. 

3. Solve Complex Problems

Last but not least, there are just some IT tasks that cannot be solved remotely. Technology is complex, and although many issues are quick-fixes, that’s not always the case. Sometimes a technician needs to be onsite, working with the equipment to solve a problem. 

In the end, there are significant benefits to onsite IT support. However, onsite support is often more expensive because it consumes more resources. A technician has to take time to come out to your office, and because onsite problems are often more complicated, it also usually takes longer to fix them. And because many other IT needs can be met with a less expensive, resource-heavy option, onsite might not always be the answer. Let’s take a look at the benefits of remote IT support.

Benefits of Remote Support

1. Quick

When you’re dealing with an experienced remote support team, daily IT fixes are often quick and easy. When a problem presents itself, you can immediately call your remote technician for support. The technician can then look into your systems and fix the issue, often in a matter of minutes.

If you were dealing exclusively with onsite IT support and your technician wasn’t already at your office, you would have to wait for them to drive over and take a look before the issue could be solved. For simple, helpdesk IT tasks such as connecting a printer or dealing with a blue screen, this just doesn’t make sense. With remote IT services, support is just a click or call away. 

2. Affordable

As we discussed above, remote IT support is often provided at a more affordable rate than onsite support. The amount of time and resources needed for onsite support is just much higher than remote. And sometimes, onsite support is necessary. However, when it’s not, why pay more for a service that could be done remotely for less?

Remote + Onsite IT Support = The Perfect Match

In conclusion, there are benefits associated with both onsite and remote support. But the best option is often to combine the two models. You’ll receive onsite support for more complex, hands-on problems and remote support for more simple, everyday tasks. It’s a win-win because you get the advantages both service options have to offer. Here at Executech, the majority of our Utah clients utilize our hybrid managed IT services. With this plan, our clients receive a set amount of onsite hours customized to their organization, along with unlimited remote support. Contact us today to learn more about if this plan is right for your Utah business. 

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