Using the Cloud to Work From Home


The cloud is a convenient solution for businesses, especially when it comes to working remotely. Many organizations don’t have the resources to send their employees home with individual devices such as laptops. Often, to get around this, companies just have their employees use their personal devices. However, this presents many security issues and possible risks.

It’s extremely difficult for companies to keep track of every user’s device. This includes tracking whether each device is secure and has the updated versions of anti-virus and other security software in place.

So, one of the solutions is using the cloud. With the cloud, employees can use their personal devices simply to connect to the cloud. Then they can access all the resources form their work conveniently and securely.

There are also ways for employees to use their personal devices to connect to their workstation at the office. This way, they have all of their files and desktop applications. And all of their settings and configurations are the same. It’s exactly as if you were sitting behind your desk looking at your desktop.

For more information on using the cloud while working from home, watch our short video above or contact us today.

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