The 5 Top Spokane Tech Companies to Keep Top of Mind (Especially on How They Use IT to Succeed!)

There are many top tech companies in Spokane , Washington. In fact, the five that we are going to discuss today are some of the most successful businesses in the area. Each one of these Spokane technology companies has their own way of using information technology and managed IT services to stay ahead of the competition.

And not only that, but Spokane has become a highly attractive locale in which to open a tech business, as the city places great emphasis on development opportunities in order to foster new businesses opening and contributing to the economy.

That’s why this blog post is going to cover the 5 largest tech companies in Spokane, what they’re all about and also take a look at how they rely on IT every day to grow their businesses.

A Bit of Background Information on Spokane, Washington

Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains and Rocky Mountain foothills of eastern Washington, Spokane is recognized for having served as the birthplace to Father’s Day.

This culturally diverse city provides an idyllic setting with its 92 miles proximate distance from Canada along I-90, 18 miles from Seattle and 279 miles away from the Idaho border. As a hub of activity at the intersection between metropolitan areas spanning The Inland Northwest Region all the way up through the Coeur d’Alene region, Spokane boasts many attractions worth visiting .

The Top 5 Biggest Tech Companies in Spokane, WA

From energy to greentech, there are some truly large tech companies in Spokane that are worth mentioning…so mention we shall!

Here are the top Spokane tech companies to think about when looking at this metropolitan hub in the great state of Washington.

1. ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is a global leader in the oil and gas industry, and its mission is to provide affordable energy that helps to drive economic growth and improve living standards around the world.

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The company produces a wide range of products, from crude oil to natural gas, as well as proven business solutions that power economies on every continent. With four decades of experience, ExxonMobil utilizes leading-edge technology to operate responsibly and explore for new energy sources in many countries. They remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of today’s customers.

And as such, likely make liberal use of technology support throughout the entire scope of their operations in order to conduct their business.

2. Raymond West

Raymond West is a go-to for all things material handling on the entire west coast.

Their customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are provided with expertise in forklifts, racking, conveyor systems, docks and doors, as well as renting out reliable parts and service so their businesses can run smoothly without downtime. In addition to this, Raymond West makes sure that supply chain knowledge and efficiency are given at every order. As part of the Toyota Industries family, they offer their clients the right combination of resources and talents to identify and fulfill the most suitable intralogistics solutions that meet the needs of each manufacturing process perfectly.

For a large tech company in Spokane like this one, IT consulting services would be the ideal supplement to their existing IT infrastructure. This way, they always make smart and informed decisions no matter how they choose to grow.

3. Public Consulting Group

Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) has been leading the way in providing public sector solutions and improving operations since its creation in 1986.

The firm’s headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts however PCG is well established internationally with over 2000 professionals across dozens of locations on six continents, allowing them to offer their multidisciplinary approach to clients virtually anywhere. Being such a seasoned establishment, PCG can bring decades of expertise and experience to their projects while continuing to innovate and respond nimbly to the needs of those they serve in health, education, and human service sectors. With this comprehensive support structure, it’s no wonder that PCG continues to do incredible work which directly results in improving lives around the world.

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Whether as part of an existing IT team or a fully outsourced solution, IT outsourcing in Spokane provides big tech companies like Raymond West with all the support they need to ensure their operations always run smoothly.

4. HDR

HDR is an exceptional design firm that stands out for its unique structure- being employee-owned means that their employees strive to uphold the values and beliefs of the company as a unit, not just as individuals.

This translates to outstanding rankings like No. 6 among the world’s design firms, and allows them to be one of the largest healthcare design firms in this area. By fostering collaborative relationships amongst their own employees, they are able to achieve ‘great things’ beyond what could be imagined by any single person alone.

You don’t get to No. 6 without having a dedicated managed IT service provider watching your back (and your network traffic). That’s why tech giants like HDR benefit from having an MSP on their team.

5. Executech

1999 was undoubtedly a monumental year in both technology and entertainment. Not only did some of the world’s most popular movies hit theaters, but the tech industry transformed as innovative entrepreneurs sought to provide solutions to everyday problems.

Executech , which began that summer in a small town in Utah, is just one of these success stories. Founded as a one-man shop providing basic computer help onsite with a positive attitude, this service quickly gained traction with local customers who noticed the personalized approach to tech support. Now known for their commitment to customer service and emphasis on a ‘human touch’ when providing IT services, they have grown exponentially and earned national recognition in their field.

With these humble beginnings firmly established during such an important year for science and culture, Executech is living proof that big ideas needn’t rely solely on big investment to succeed.

Top Tech Companies in Spokane


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