The 5 Top Tech Companies in Sacramento, CA Making Waves

Sacramento has long been a breeding ground for some of the top tech companies in the country. The innovation and growth happening in the city right now is impressive – and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. To that end, let’s take a look at the current 5 top tech companies in Sacramento .

Who Are the 5 Largest Tech Companies in Sacramento, CA

1. Pennymac

Pennymac is known for high-tech facilities that prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction above all else.

This innovator in the mortgage lending space has adopted a forward-thinking approach to its customer relations, looking to develop long-term relationships with customers via constantly innovating and presenting new technological solutions. This has helped Pennymac develop some of the best technology teams in the mortgage lending industry.

This technological advantage has also helped the company grow to be among the top tech companies in Sacramento.

Managing all these transactions (and considering the high-stakes nature of mortgage lending) Pennymac needs airtight cybersecurity services in Sacramento to ensure that its customers’ data are safe.

2. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the top Sacramento tech companies leading the enterprise technology space.

Their cloud-based platform ensures digital workflows are optimized for efficiency while simultaneously leaving positive impressions on employees. ServiceNow has become popular for helping companies reduce headaches in their workflows and overall boosting productivity.

ServiceNow’s over 7,400 customers, which includes 80% of Fortune 500 companies, speaks to the business’s ability to produce results for clients. Even better, ServiceNow has even been named one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® .

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3. Genentech

With a history that spans 40 years, Genentech has a decades-long track record as a leader in biotechnology innovation.

Genetech has been responsible for the creation of ground-breaking medicines such as the first targeted antibody for cancer and the first medicine for primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

With a focus on combating life-threatening diseases, Genentech looks to combine technology and innovative medical techniques to ensure that fewer people are at risk due to these deadly diseases.

This commitment to treating some of humanity’s most destructive diseases is laudable, and helps their organization grow to better tackle its lofty goals.

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4. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard has massive brand awareness as one of the top producers of PCs across the globe.

From humble beginnings as a startup in a Palo Alto garage (we know, not exactly original) the company now has a market cap of nearly $20 billion.


Here’s how the top Sacramento technology companies keep their data and systems secure:


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