The 5 Top Tech Companies in Phoenix to Know About

Phoenix is a thriving metropolis with a wide variety of industries. While many people think of the sun and sand when they think of Phoenix, there is much more to this city than that. In fact, some of the top industries in Phoenix are thriving thanks to their use of information technology.

And with ample business development opportunities being supported by the local government, it’s no wonder Phoenix has become such a hot-bed of entrepreneurial success!

Taking a deeper look into the industries that drive this fiery city, here are 5 top tech companies in Phoenix!

Phoenix in a Nutshell

Phoenix is quickly becoming one of the United States’ premier cities and is home to an extremely vibrant economy.

Companies are flocking to the city as it boasts top-notch talent from its high-tech manufacturing and bioscience research industries, as well as advanced business services. This remarkable job market and growing economy are a large part of why Phoenix has been named the 5th largest city in the nation . Not only does it provide a wealth of opportunities for those seeking to advance their careers, but its thriving environment also offers plenty of ways for residents to live their best life!

In fact, Phoenix routinely ranks number one when measuring Entrepreneurial Activity, confirming that this is one hot spot no one should miss out on.

The 5 Biggest Tech Companies in Phoenix

Here are the 5 big tech companies in Phoenix, Arizona helping to lead the city’s economy:

1. Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and progress since its founding in 1898.

As they move into the future, Cox is leading the way in revolutionary broadband communications that help forge smarter cities, transportation solutions that are greener and more sustainable, and creative technologies designed to reduce global waste. To achieve these goals, Cox looks to its major divisions – Cox Communications and Cox Automotive – for support and progress. As an example of their movement towards a more integrated future, Cox endeavors to deliver mobility, connectivity, and sustainability through their investments in cutting-edge technology.

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Clearly, history has taught us that great things do not come from comfort zones – in contrast – Cox Enterprises leads the charge for positive progression in our rapidly changing world.

For large tech companies in Phoenix like Cox Enterprises, having a managed IT services provider in Phoenix providing support on-the-ground is a huge advantage.

2. Optum

At Optum, they understand that the most effective solutions come from intersectional approaches.

That’s why they’re committed to combining two of the fastest growing fields on the planet: technology and health care. By bringing these two forces together, they can create leading-edge solutions that improve the lives of millions. They believe it isn’t enough to just design another app and call it a day. Optum focuses on building meaningful connections between patients and members, payers and providers in order to create a cohesive healthcare system that works for everyone involved.

With their team of experts and cutting-edge methods, Optum is determined to make a difference in the lives of many through reliable service, collaboration and innovative approaches.

With a great IT company in Phoenix watching their back, Optum and other companies like it can focus on growing their businesses while their MSP handles the day-to-day IT concerns.

3. BigTime Software Inc.

BigTime is the powerhouse behind some of the top consulting firms in the world.

By offering a SaaS-based product custom-built for professional services and effective back office functions, they are helping firms run more efficiently while unlocking revenue streams and improving profit margins – no small feat! Having secured private equity funding and offices in both Chicago and Phoenix, BigTime’s solutions currently track over two billion dollars in billable time each year across two thousand different companies.

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A true leader in their industry, BigTime is advancing cutting edge technology to empower their clients’ success.

As with any software company, even the largest tech companies in Phoenix could benefit from having reliable IT support at their beck and call.

4. is a perfect tool for streamlining business file transfer, sharing, and storage.

Its intuitive design and powerful features allow easy integration in almost any environment and just about any business process that involves files. With its cloud-based server, high security standards, automation capabilities, flexible permissioning system and robust analytics, is an exceptional platform for making workflows more efficient.


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It saves time and money by automating the more complex processes related to working with files for both small businesses and large organizations alike.

For sudden or urgent IT issues that crop up now and again, having an IT helpdesk in Phoenix at the ready can ensure work-stopping issues are solved quickly.

5. Executech

Executech offers comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes.

With a wide range of cutting-edge services, our uniquely skilled team is ready to make sure your technology runs at optimum efficiency while maintaining security and affordability. We specialize in fast response times and reliable customer service, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions for any IT-related issues, empowering your business to use its cloud products more effectively and have strong protection against cyber threats which may occur.

With Executech, you get the most experienced IT consultants in the West at unbeatable prices.

Top Phoenix Tech Companies


Making Effective Use of Information Technology Like the 5 Top Phoenix Technology Companies

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