The Basics of Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity Insurance Basics

With the massive spike in cybercrimes like ransomware, malware, and hacking, cybersecurity insurance has become a much larger necessity for organizations across the US. We welcomed Tyler Rasmussen – VP of Cybersecurity (Executech), and Brad Hanly – MSP Systems Engineer (Arctic Wolf).

We invited Tyler and Brad for their expertise in working with companies that provide cyber insurance to help Executech’s customers qualify and get the best coverage for the lowest premiums possible.

Cyber Insurance Webinar Agenda

  • Risk Management
  • Differences in Coverage/Cost
  • Why an Organization Needs It


  • Wide Variety
  • What’s Changed in the Last 12 Months
  • Tech E&O vs. Cyber Insurance


  • Common Requirements
  • Why You’ll Want a Cyber Expert Present Before Signing Up
  • Avoid Overpaying


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