Tech & IT Companies in Salt Lake City, Utah are Booming

When you think of the largest technology hubs in the world, what places come to mind? Your immediate thought is probably California with Silicon Valley. There’s no doubt that the San Francisco area is buzzing with both tech startups and giants alike. Other cities, such as Boston, Denver, or Seattle, might also come to mind. But one unexpected up and coming leader in the technology space is Salt Lake City, Utah. In this blog, we are going to explore why Utah’s technology scene is booming and identify some of the biggest tech companies in and around Salt Lake City.

Why Are Tech Companies Drawn to Salt Lake City?

Silicon Valley continues to be the tech capital of the United States. However, Salt Lake City (SLC) is a rising star in the technology sector. There are a few factors in play that may be behind this growth. 

Firstly, Salt Lake City is full of Millennials. 21% of SLC residents are between the ages of 23 and 28. Compare that to the national percentage of 13.9%, and it’s clear that Utah is crawling with younger workers who grew up with technology. On top of this, Salt Lake City residents boast more tech degrees per capita than many other cities. That includes well-known technology destinations like Denver and San Francisco. This abundance of professionals with tech degrees is one reason Salt Lake City’s technology scene is skyrocketing and being rated highly in terms of tech talent. As companies seek out these workers, they are finding them in Salt Lake.

Another reason Salt Lake City is ideal for tech companies is the relatively low cost of living. Especially when compared with other tech hubs. We’ve all heard about the outlandish prices of housing and goods in San Fransisco. This very reason has led to a more diversified tech landscape across the nation. Many startups just can’t afford the rent. So, these companies have moved to cities where the cost of living is much more manageable, like Salt Lake City. 

Package these factors in with lower taxes and a more flexible regulatory environment, and it’s no wonder technology companies are flocking to Salt Lake City. Forbes even named SLC as the fourth-best city in the nation for tech jobs. Let’s now look at a few of these big tech companies in Salt Lake City who are building up the technology reputation of the city.

Biggest Tech Companies in Salt Lake City


When it comes to technology, one of the titans of the industry is, of course, Adobe. Adobe is headquartered in San Jose, California; however, the company has also invested in a large presence in Utah. Its operations are near Salt Lake City in Lehi, Utah, and the company recently expanded its Utah footprint, building a second facility that houses over 1,000 employees. is another company headquartered in Utah. Founded in 1999, it operates as an e-commerce store, mostly selling home decor, furniture, bedding, and other goods. The company has grown quickly, reporting its first billion-dollar year in 2010 — making it one of the largest tech companies in Salt Lake City. 


With co-headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and Provo, Utah (a neighbor of Salt Lake City), Qualtrics is another organization leading the Utah tech scene. The company has been around for 18 years, and SAP recently acquired the software company. 


We’re sure you’ve heard of eBay, the national e-commerce store known for its online auctions and a wide variety of goods and services. Although eBay is headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has established a clear space in Utah’s tech scene too. A few years ago, the company expanded its Utah facilities, paying $250 million for the upgrade that houses over 1,800 employees.


Instructure is headquartered in Salt Lake City and specializes in learning management software. The company, which currently has 1,288 employees on LinkedIn, supports over 30 million users and has partnerships with many large universities and schools.


Domo is a Salt Lake City technology company that specializes in data analytics and visualization. A former Adobe employee, Josh James, founded the software company in 2010. And in the last ten years, it has grown to include over 1,000 employees. Domo boasts heavy-hitter clients such as eBay and ESPN.

In Conclusion

Salt Lake City is the next up-and-coming technology destination. The city has already caught the eye of tech giants such as Adobe and eBay, and more companies are making a move to the Utah mountains. As a technology partner, we are extremely excited to see this growth and are here for any company needing tech support in Salt Lake City or across the West. 

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