Tales from Tech Support: IT Nightmares

When you’ve worked in an industry as long as we have (25+ years!), you’re bound to have a horror story or two. Of course, every industry’s horror stories look a little different. In the IT industry, when things take a wrong turn for our clients, it can mean potentially catastrophic consequences. Read on for some of our greatest IT nightmares for just one of our clients.

IT Nightmares and How We Helped Our Clients Overcome Them

IT Nightmare #1:

Several years ago someone ripped up the power cables down the street from our client, causing a total power loss. Despite having undergone annual maintenance only two months prior, the backup generator for their building failed to start due to a dead battery. Backup and disaster recovery products can help clients in times like these, by ensuring their storage system is future-proof and downtime is limited to none.

IT Nightmare #2:

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get something new, without checking it twice at least. A new storage shelf that was put in at the end of the day turned out to have a bad drive and needed a replacement…after everyone had already left the building for the evening.

IT Nightmare #3:

When six new switches were installed in a new building, one of them – the last one added to the environment – was dead on arrival when plugged in. When the replacement came, it too was dead on arrival! Finally, the third and final replacement switch worked.

IT Nightmare #4:

A water pipe that was located directly under the room where all the switches are installed somehow blew up, flooding the room and building.

IT Nightmare #5:

When deploying new servers for expansion at the DR data center, one of the brand new server power cords failed right out of the box!

IT Nightmare #6:

Two High Availability (HA) firewalls, each supposedly identical, suddenly started to hijack each other’s traffic for no reason whatsoever! Despite efforts to identify the issue, no cause could be determined. As a result, new hardware – identical to what was already there – needed to be installed to resolve the issue.

These are just a few of the craziest IT nightmares we’ve seen over the years. Fortunately, all of these situations were resolved with quick-thinking IT professionals.

When working with our IT team, our goal is to use our knowledge, experience, and project delivery capabilities to customize a solution for your IT needs. Whether you’re facing an IT nightmare like the ones listed above, or just need some help solving one of your day-to-day IT issues, our team is ready to serve you!


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