Solid State Drives: The Easiest Way To Speed Up Your Computer

There’s nothing worse than having a slow computer. Simple tasks like opening a file or checking email can push you over the edge when your computer is lagging.

Lag or slowdown on computers is probably the most common problem we hear about from our clients. Slow computers can have a serious impact on business productivity and the bottom line.

There a lot of reasons for a computer to slow down and we’ve posted before about ways to improve your computer’s performance. But instead doing a deep cleanse of your software or upgrading to a totally new machine, there may be another way.

Solid state drives.

Unlike traditional and older hard drives, solid state drives (SSD) store data permanently, without any moving parts. Solid state drives are smaller, faster and quite frankly, the future.

We’ve found that many businesses have been using the same computers for years. But rather than completely upgrading all of your desktops, which can be very costly, you can just upgrade the hard drives. Solid state drives aren’t as cheap as traditional hard drives, but replacing them is cheaper than buying a whole new machine. With correctly installed and formatted SSD hard drives your computer will run SIGNIFICANTLY faster. You’ll feel like you have a brand new computer.

So if your computer at home or work is causing you more grey hairs than your children, then instead of breaking the bank for a new machine, you should try upgrading your hard drive.

If you have questions regarding your computer’s speed or how to correctly install a solid state hard drive (and which ones are the best) give us a call! Our friendly technicians are here to help with any computer issue.

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