Recognizing Chris Nokes, CTO of Executech

We are very excited to announce that Chris Nokes, CTO of Executech, has been named a “CXO of the Year” honoree by Utah Business Magazine.

The CXO of the Year award recognizes senior executives for outstanding performance in their roles. This year, Utah Business Magazine recognized 18 individuals.  Coming from small, medium, large, public, private and government agencies, these recipients demonstrate the importance of providing strong financial leadership and visionary innovation, as well as social responsibility to Utah businesses.

Chris recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary at Executech. Chris was one of the very first employees at Executech and his hard work and vision have helped shape Executech into what it is today.

“I never set out to be a leader,” says Chris Nokes. “My goal was always just to learn as much as I could.” But through that goal, Chris found others relying on him as a resource and that led him down a path of significant impact. Now, overseeing Executech’s technology solutions as well as the day-to-day technical staff, he is leading by example. Whether it’s going onsite to work with a new consultant or diving into the most challenging technology issues we face, he feels it important to be “in the trenches” with his team. “Executech gave me the opportunity to realize that I was capable of much more than I thought,” he says. And now, he’s dreaming big.

Chris is admired both inside and outside of the company for his great depth of understanding in IT and his problem-solving abilities. He is an essential part of the team and is the go-to technology man for every technical need at Executech. Chris embodies all of Executech’s values and we are proud to have him as a leader and a friend.

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