How to Prevent the Most Common Computer Problems

We’ve been in business since 1999. We’ve seen A LOT of computer problems over the years.

Some of the most common IT issues we see aren’t necessarily due to user error, but simply outdated systems or hardware.

We’ve talked with our resident IT experts, who are providing managed IT services every day, and found the four most common IT problems and how to fix them.

  1. Slow internet – The speeds you receive from your internet service provider (i.e. Comcast, CenturyLink, etc.) may be limited by the hardware you have in place. If you’re paying for a set amount of internet but receiving much less than what you expect, make sure you aren’t bottlenecking bandwidth somewhere with outdated hardware such as firewalls, switches or access points.
  2. Slow machines – If your PC is running slowly, the first thing anyone should do is to make sure they don’t have unnecessary data on their machines. Consistently clearing out your Documents, Downloads and Desktop are ways to drastically increase performances. Pairing that with a Solid State Drive is guaranteed to speed things up.
  3. Backups – If there is anything on your machine that would set you back if you lost it, this is data that should be backed up. If it’s small enough, there are many services that offer limited storage for free. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are great solutions to backup small amounts of vital data.
  4. Updates – Many people ignore Windows Updates as they are often seen as unnecessary or time consuming to deal with. Setting aside time to make sure systems are updated is crucial. Many security flaws are patched in updates so choosing to ignore those updates puts your machine and data at huge risk.

There you have it. Four very common problems we’ve all experienced and the simple way they can be fixed.

Whether you have a small or big IT problem, Executech can provide the answer.

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