Microsoft Build 2018: Microsoft Azure and Artificial Intelligence

Azure and AI

The cloud has been a hot topic in tech for several years now. What it is, what it does, and lots of skepticism about its security. The cloud is now commonplace in business and it’s been around long enough we start to wonder, what’s next. Microsoft is pushing the envelope on the cloud with Microsoft Azure. So what is it, and why does your business need it?

The Cloud

Microsoft Azure is the future of the cloud. The cloud has been around for a long time and most of us are familiar with it. The cloud is simply a collection of servers that you can store data, files, and information on that isn’t in your office.

They call it the cloud because to users it seems that their files are being stored in some mystical cloud above, but really it just means that your files are stored somewhere offsite. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google all have massive cloud service offerings that allow for both personal and professional cloud storage options of any size. You have probably used some of these services at work, home, or school like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

What is Microsoft Azure?

The cloud has always been just a place to store files. As we know with technology, people are always finding new and better ways to meet the needs of consumers. This idea is what has led to the creation of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure takes the cloud to the next level. With Azure, you can now build, deploy, and manage services and applications in the cloud. Azure also allows you access to Microsoft datacenters for function processing and computing. Azure takes your services to the cloud.

This means that you can now manage and run essential business functions from anywhere with access to Microsoft’s datacenters.  Azure allows for organizations to use the power of Microsoft’s data centers to build, deploy, and manage applications from anywhere.

Microsoft Build 2018: AI

This morning Microsoft held their annual developer’s conference where they talk about the future of Microsoft. One key topic they covered is the future of Azure. They discussed how the future of Azure is with AI (artificial intelligence). What does that mean for a business? Artificial Intelligence today doesn’t mean iRobot style bots that will take over the world; at least not yet. At its core, AI is computers with the ability to act intuitively. Given several options or courses of action, AI means that a computer has the ability to weigh the outcomes of a situation, make a decision, and act without having to be given a command by a person.  This is an obvious way for companies to increase their efficiencies. AI is the way of the future, and that future is here now with Microsoft Azure.

Azure and AI

Microsoft is now going to start using artificial intelligence in Microsoft Azure. Thus, allowing your applications and programs that you have setup with Azure to run more automatically. The main benefit this will bring is the ability for some functions and processes of your business to run with little to no human contact. This will also allow for many current functions to be sped up significantly. AI with Azure will allow your business to be more efficient than ever before.


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