Leveraging Microsoft 365 for Remote Work


Working remotely can be challenging. However, there are many tools and technologies that can make remote work more effortless. One of those tools is the cloud. The cloud has gained more momentum in the last few years, but especially now, we are seeing a significant increase in cloud usage. So, how can you leverage the cloud while working from home?

The Cloud, Microsoft Teams & Communication

Firstly, the cloud can help with communication. While many companies are working remotely, we’ve recommended finding a platform that allows our clients to communicate with their employees at home easily. This keeps everyone at your organization on the same page at all times.

One of the platforms we recommend for this is Microsoft Teams. Teams gives you the ability to chat, call, video conference, share files, and so much more. Employees can use Teams from anywhere on various devices. Whether from home or the office, on a computer or a mobile device, Teams keeps that communication flowing between departments. It’s a collaboration hub, and if you are a Microsoft 365 customer, you already have access to Teams. 

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